Monday, September 1, 2008

Our new home

The front view. I love the porch. And you can't see it but our red door is so cool! It matches the shutters.
Entryway. I have turned this into such a nice, little reading area. The bookcase is so great because it holds all our favorite books and family pictures. The walls are a little bare because I am still deciding what I want up there.
Our kitchen. I love the floors. They are so easy to clean and to maintain. Eventually we want new countertops and cabinets but I think it looks nice in there now. We also want a new fridge.
Longer view of the kitchen and how it flows into the living room. The door you see on the right is our doors that lead to the backyard. I love how open the space is here.

The office. I couldn't get the other wall in the picture but it contains a bookcase for the rest of our books and our bill center. This space really works well for us because it is right off the living room. .

Our living area. I love this area of the house. I love the armoire and how it hides our TV so that it isn't the center of the room. I also love our two brown storage containers (for Nathan's toys) and how they match the brown accent wall.
Close up of the fireplace. That statue was bought in Hawaii on our honeymoon. It is very significant to both of us.

The laundry room. Brandon painted this room! It turned out great. I love the color. It is so peaceful in there. It is really organized in there now too. The cabinet on the right contains our ironing board.

Our bedroom. The other wall just contains a dresser. I love the high ceilings in here. It opens up the space nicely.
Nathan's room. I love the painting in this room! It really makes me happy to walk in here. Notice that Nathan's bed is in our room. But there is plenty of space for it in here when we are done co-sleeping.
The other side of Nathan's room. My nursing corner and reading area. My aunt painted the artwork on the right side of the wall. Can't see all of it but it matches the room perfectly.
Our spare bedroom. This is the same paint that the previous owners had up. When we have our second baby this will be his/ her room. We will decide what to paint it then. For now, the room holds the dog's crate and my scrapbooking area.

Our backyard. One of the best aspects of the house. This area of the backyard is surrounded by a privacy fence with a opening on both sides. It is really nice to have this quiet, private area. Out of this picture is my porch swing. I love sitting out here.
Some of the pretty flowers in the backyard. I took some great pictures of Nathan next to these today. I will post them later in the week.
The other side of the backyard. The rest of the yard is fenced in as well. This area is so nice. Nathan loves the little red swing and the slide.
We also do have bathrooms in the house, but those are pretty standard. :)
So there it is! This is our home!! We really love it here. It is amazing to walk through the door of your very own house. I feel so at peace here. The space is so clean and organized (I did a major decluttering before we moved and I feel amazing about that). The garage is spacious as well. Basically everything about this house is perfect. It is truly our home, sweet, home!


Natosha said...

I love the new house. Very nice!

The Shaw Family said...

Your new place is AWESOME! It has so much open space and play room for Nathan. That back yard is the best! I'm glad things worked out for you guys, looks like you ended up with the house you were ment to have.

Holly said...

Clicked your link on your MDC siggy. Your new home is beautiful (red doors are one of my favorite things ever)!

April&Jason said...

I love the house, it looks great! Nathan's room is adorable!!

Erinn said...

Love it! It really looks very peaceful. I can definitely see how you feel that way. I love Black Eyed Susans! They are so pretty!