Monday, July 28, 2008

It is done!!

We are now homeowners!!!!!

Closing went perfectly today! Everything went as planned and we are so elated to move in this weekend! I can't wait!!

Thanks for all the support throughout this trying process. It was all worth it for this feeling!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pictures from the wedding...

Nathan and Daddy in the airport. This is how we have to put his shoes on. Busy boy!
Nathan flirting in the airport.
So cute!
Nathan's first airplane ride! He did really well!
Mama and Daddy
My hubby is so handsome! :)
The ledge of doom. The wedding was outside at this beautiful mansion, but the garden drops off right here and this is what I had to keep Nathan away from. It was a long day.
Our family! Nathan won't look at the camera to save his life. LOL!

Nathan being a cutie.
Playing outside.
He also spent half of his time trying to eat the rocks.

Here he is trying to eat the Goldfish I brought. Better than rocks.
Here he is eating plastic. Still better than rocks. LOL!
Nathan and Daddy!
Nathan and Mama!
We had a really nice time in Baltimore. I only wish that we had more time to explore the area a little better. Thankfully we did get a chance to see my good friend Emily. It was so nice to see you Smalls!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy July is never ending...

We have been so busy. It is crazy around here!!

We made it safely to Baltimore and back for the wedding. We had a nice time, but were very happy to get back. I will upload some pictures tomorrow.

Our poor house is in shambles! Literally, there is nothing put away. Which is driving me crazy!!! We are in the middle of packing up the house and there are boxes every where. And I am normally a person that likes everything in its place. So needless to say, I am stressed out just looking at the place. Thankfully it won't be like this for very long, we close next Monday on our house!!! We are VERY excited!!!

In TTC news, we have moved on to cycle 6. :( I am actually too busy to be too disappointed right now. I am sure that it will hit me when everything is more settled.

Nathan is doing really well. He has fun "helping" me pack. By helping, I mean taking every item out of the box right after I put it in. He is been doing something really cute the past couple of days. He tries to put the leash on the dog and leads her around the house. It cracks us up!

Anyway, I have been a bad blogger lately. Hopefully things will improve once we are moved.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Letter to my 14 month old boy...

Dear Nathan,

July has arrived and it is HOT! I can't believe that you are 14 months old! You get so much bigger every day it seems. You seem so much like a toddler now.

This month has been pretty eventful. Unfortunately, you have been very sick for the past week or so. Your poor belly has been upset. Mama and Daddy felt so bad for you. You haven't wanted to do anything but cuddle with Mama and nurse. Thank heaven you are nursing though. Mama knows that you can stay hydrated this way. This past month we have been so busy. We have been traveling back and forth a lot. We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. You had so much fun! They watched for you while we went to a wedding. It was their first time watching you and you (and them) had a great time. You were a good boy. That was the longest that Mama had been away from you. We also went to the Pride parade! It was a blast and you really enjoyed seeing all the people and floats. We have been traveling back and forth to Shelbyville to look at houses. Thankfully, we found one that we like. We will be moving soon. I hope that you handle the change ok. You also got to see your first fireworks show on the Fourth of July this past month! You loved it! You weren't able to go last year because you were too little. But this year, we kept you awake so that you could see it. It was fun! You had your first dentist appointment this month, it went well and we brush your teeth every night. You don't like that! You have done a lot this month. You walk perfectly now. You say "bye-bye". You shake your head "no".

Thank you so much for being such an amazing boy. You are the light of our lives sweet baby. And even though you are a toddler, you will always be my baby. I love you so much.



Monday, July 7, 2008

Sicky McSickerson

My poor baby. He is so sick. He has a horrid case of diarrhea and some vomiting. Poor little guy. Thankfully the cloth diapers are making this easy on his bum. And I am even more thankful for nursing! Breastmilk is the only thing that he can keep down. My supply is going crazy with all this nursing. :)

In house news, dear Lord, I hate paperwork. We have been signing things left and right. Brandon is attending our home inspection today. So hopefully we get good news from that.

That is pretty much it for us right now. Taking care of Mr. Sickerson and trying to jump through a bazillion hoops for our house.