Thursday, September 18, 2008

Night Three, teeth, and the Great Imitator

Night three did not go so well. It started off kinda rough. Nathan was really not wanting to go to sleep. Around 11 he finally drifted off. I fell asleep shortly after! That was really great! However, my darling husband decided to sleep with his phone in the room. Well wouldn't you know it, it goes off at 4 freaking AM! The one night that Nathan decides to sleep longer than a 3 hour stretch, I get woken up by something else! Grrrr.... Nathan didn't wake up at this time though. Oh no. He waited until around 5:30 when I had just (kinda) drifted off to sleep after the 4am wake up call. Well after that, I just called it quits. There was no way that I was getting back to sleep. So I have been up since 4am. I'm tired and cranky. I'm sure Brandon is scared to come home. LOL!

In other news, Nathan is teething! Fun, fun! I noticed a tiny bit of tooth poking through last week. Well I peek in there today and see that his molars are coming in! They look downright painful.

He is still being a cutie pie though. He has turned into the Great Imitator! He loves to imitate Mama and Daddy. The other day, we saw that he had the can of moouse (for hair). He shook it up, tipped it over, pretended to get some mousse on his hand, put the can back down, rubbed his hands together, and put his hands into his hair! It was the cutest thing. He knows exactly what product goes with what. He will take the contact solution bottle and pretend to put it in the contact case. He is hilarious.


Kari said...

sorry about the bad night! too funny with the hair products

Kari said...

sorry about the bad night sleep! too cute though with the hair products!

Syd said...

Mandie, Sorry Nathan has not been sleeping well. Molars are a pain to get in. Gretta has a couple of hers in all ready & they made for some very restless nights.
Take care dear!