Friday, November 14, 2008

The verdict

Well, we are going to go for it!

I realized that it is my fear of the unknown that made me hesitate. And fear is never a good reason not to do anything.

I think that my cycle was long this month for a reason. I think that it was meant to work out that way so that we could go ahead and get started.

So away we go!

CD 2 today. The plan is to call when I see a peak reading on my monitor. Then the very next day I go in for my IUI. We are going tonight to pick up some more test strips for my monitor and some more prenatal vitamins, just in case.


Heather said...

Woohoo! Praying for you guys!

((HUGS)) I know this is a big step.

Please Press Pause said...

Woot! Best of luck to you guys. Keep us updated on how it goes. I'll be thinking sticky thoughts for you:)

I've been meaning to ask you how breastfeeding has affected your meds and infertility treatments. I'm having my IUD pulled this week, and we're going to start trying the old fashioned way, but my RE wants to move on to Metformin/Clomid pretty quickly and has said I need to wean in order to do so. I don't want to wean just to get pregnant again, but we also don't have a whole lot of time before Pete has orders for sea duty so it's more complicated that way. I also can't believe we're really going to be trying to have another BABY. Isn't it wild to think you'll have another one running around!?!?

Kathleen*Bass said...

Hey Mandie...check out my blog and pick up your award!

Mandie said...


I will not be using fertility medications during our IUIs. I have a regular ovulation pattern so we are hoping that one egg will do it.

After a couple of cycles, we will re-evaluate if I need medications.

As far as taking Clomid goes, I would probably continue to nurse a toddler while on Clomid. Generally, Clomid isn't recommended to nursing mothers because it can mess with supply. I would continue to nurse and if my supply dropped, then it dropped. Nathan would probably still nurse for comfort.

here is a link to Mothering about nursing and taking Clomid:

Dr. Hale (the guru on breastfeeding and meds) says that Clomid is considered safe but it CAN decrease supply. It is not recommended to nurse a younger nursling and take Clomid, but a toddler should be ok.

The other useful info (IMO) from Hale is the molecular weight. Clomid isn't the highest but it is pretty high which indicates that not much is passed into the milk.

I read a lot of the anecdotal stuff online (b/c really, that's all there is). When you think about it, there can't be that many people to do a study with. I mean how many women actually need clomid in the first place, and out of those people, how many are still nursing when they are ready for #2?)

In the end it is your call. The doctor is going to tell you to wean, because most likely he or she doesn't have much experience with extended nursing.

I will post this on your blog too, so that you get it.

Peter said...

Thank you! I hadn't found anything online yet about the Clomid, but after reading this and your link I feel a lot better about the prospect of extended nursing while we try for #2. I feel like a huge minority in this aspect, there aren't many extended nursers out there like us who are also dealing with infertility, at least not that I can find online. Thank you for taking the time to give such a thoughtful response, I really appreciate it.