Friday, November 7, 2008

It is a sad, sad day

Last summer, I was really trying to build up my freezer supply of breastmilk so that I could leave Nathan with a bottle of pumped milk. Little did I know then that my darling boy wanted nothing to do with a bottle. We kept trying and trying, but he would rather wait for Mama to return than use one!

So I had all this milk in my freezer. I worked really hard to get this. I can only pump around 1-2 oz at a time. So I had to pump multiple times a day just to fill one bag.

And now the time has come to throw it all away. :( I never thought that it would be this sad to see it go. This is liquid gold. I so wish that I would have found someone to donate this too before it "expired". Now this beautiful stuff is just going to get thrown out. :( Next time I have a child, I hope to be able to donate this a baby in need.



Holly - Lilly's Mommy said...

oh no :(
Lilly wouldn't take a bottle either. i used the millk for her food for a long time lol.

good job though mama.

Adele_Mommy said...

That is sad. :-( I second the recommendation to mix it with cereal or something.

April&Jason said...

OMG how aweful! Could he drink it out of a sippy/cup or something. Is there a milk bank or something you could donate to? Just an idea.

I'm sorry, it truely is liquid gold.