Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the vote!!!

Today is the day! At last! Don't forget to vote today! No matter who you are voting for, your vote counts.
Plans for today:
-Playdate with a Republican mom. Not sure how this one will go today!
-I will not be watching TV at all today. I do not want to see anything on the election. Frankly, my nerves can't take it! I am mentally preparing myself for McCain to win. Only because I have to prepare myself for the absolute worst. But in my heart, I feel like Obama just might do it! What a glorious moment in history that will be. I am just happy to be apart of it! GO OBAMA!!
-I will also not be checking my usual boards today. I post on several boards with other moms but I will not be looking at those at all. Can't handle the nerves. Although I may not be returning to one of those boards. I just didn't agree with some posts there and find it hard to be associated with it. :(
Anyhoo, so Mandie is in her own little world today. Watching movies with Nathan and avoiding the news.
GO OBAMA!!!!!!


April&Jason said...

Go OBAMA!!!!!:)
Have fun in Mandie Land today! haha

Jamie said...