Monday, November 3, 2008

Pictures from Halloween!

Nathan was technically a "punk rocker" this Halloween! We tried to go for a mohawk but Nathan got a tad cranky with all the hair stuff. Not to mention that it was super windy out and his hair wouldn't hold up. So we went with two ponytails instead. Punky bruster meets pirate meets punk rocker. :)
My favorite part of the outfit!

So cute!

He really hates having his picture taken! But here is the whole outfit.

Ready to go trick-or-treating! We used the hood of his car to hold the candy! The candy was more for Brandon and I, but Nathan had a lot of fun!

And we're off!

We went trick-or-treating with my brothers and my mom. They went as Pirate football players! Mom and I were dressed for the game that night.


Holly - Lilly's Mommy said...

LOVE HIS COSTUME MANDIE... He is adorable adn great idea about the car

Jamie said...

Too cute!!