Monday, July 2, 2007

Welcome to my blog

I never thought that I would be the kind of person to make a blog about my life. However, I just realized today that my beautiful boy is 7 weeks old and I am going to want to remember this time. He is simply growing up too fast. I weighed him yesterday (now that I think about it, this probably wasn't a good idea because that is what started my whole "my baby is growing up" thing) and my purely breastfed baby weighs 13 pounds! This is almost double his birth weight! Where has the time gone?? It seems like just yesterday I was wondering if he was ever going to come out! It seems like just yesterday that Brandon and I made the decision to go through IVF. Anyway, my baby boy is starting to notice more of the world around him. He is always looking around as though he is waiting for something exciting to happen. I think that he is starting to smile because he is happy and not just out of a reflex. He awoke this morning and I woke up too (because I can feel him looking at me) and he just smiled. That little smile melts my heart. Yesterday (in the middle of "my baby is growing up" thing) he stopped nursing long enough to look up and smile. I am so lucky.

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