Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cloth diapering

We are now finally using cloth diapers full time!! I am so happy with it! A lot of people are shocked when I tell them that we use cloth diapers. But honestly, it really isn't that difficult. I will briefly explain.

First of all, we use pocket diapers. These are amazing!! We get the one size diapers so they fit from newborn to potty training!! What an excellent way to save money, huh?! The average family spends $2,000 on diapers over the two to three years that the child is in diapers. We spend approximately $15-18 per pocket diaper that we can use over and over again. Pocket diapers are really easy. Some have Velcro and some have snaps. The diaper gets "stuffed" with inserts. You can add more inserts for more absorbency.

The question I get most often is..."Isn't it gross to clean them?" The answer is no! Breastfed babies' poop is 100% water-soluble. Which means that I don't have to spray or clean the poo off of the diapers before I put them in the washer. All the diapers and inserts go in to the washer. They first get a cold rinse to clean off everything. Then they get a boiling hot wash to clean and sanitize. Finally they get another cold rinse to clean off the detergent. Pop 'em in the dryer and they are done! So easy!

I have several reasons for using cloth diapers. First, I already mentioned the extreme cost savings. Second, I just love the fact that we are doing something great for the environment (the average family puts over 1 ton of disposable diapers in the nation's landfills per child). Third, I really wouldn't want to wear paper panties. Nathan is a much happier baby in his cloth diapers. And finally, I love the way cloth diapers look!! They are soooo cute!! I am going to get some pictures up tomorrow!

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AZ said...

I cloth diapered my son and am cloth diapering my twins about 50% of the time. I would use cloth with them more often, but when I'm out of the house I don't like to carry cloth diapers with me (and don't like to carry the poopie ones back home!). I love cloth diapers and love that they are environmentally friendly! And they're so cute, too!!