Thursday, July 12, 2007

Letter to my 2 month old boy

Dear Nathan,

I can hardly believe that you are two months old today. I feel like time has just flown by. Two months ago I was holding you for the first time. I will never forget that moment when I looked down at you and realized that you were apart of me.

The past two months have been full of surprises. You are getting so big! I think you weigh around 13.5 pounds now. I can't wait to have you measured tomorrow. I feel like you have grown a foot! You are starting to smile at mommy and daddy now. I have been trying to catch it on camera, but I have had no such luck yet. You really like it when I give you lots of kisses. Sometimes you even laugh a little bit. You have also been trying to talk to us by cooing. It is so incredibly cute. You are trying to stand up when we hold you. You have really strong legs! I would say that your favorite thing to do is nurse. Your eyes get so big and you can't help but smile. You are nursing every 2 hours or so now. You are starting to kick your feet and move your hands all around when you are nursing now. You always end up with your arm covering your eyes!

Every day I think I fall more and more in love with you. I am just so thankful to have you and daddy in my life. When I pray at night, I look down at your sleeping face, and thank God that you were given to us. And so my little angel, you are two months old today. I look forward to many months of love and laughter with you.

Love you always,


AZ said...

My daughters cover their eyes with their arm when they nurse too and its so cute! (I'm nursing twins...) I love their chubby arms. Enjoy this time. Its so precious. Your little boy is so cute!

Emily said...

What a beautiful letter from a mommy to her baby.

Lauren said...

What a beautiful letter. He will appreciate these when he gets older!