Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Boys of Summer 2014

This summer has been filled with fun and sun and the boys having a great time!  It is nearly time to come to a close so I wanted to share my favorite pictures of this summer!
 My beautiful boys.  So lucky.
 My mama and I.  We are at my newest nephew's baby shower!  He is due to arrive in August and I can't wait to be an aunt again!
 Kai is so loving and sweet.  I love these moments.
 Kai's sweet smile on the 4th of July.
 Gavy and my nephew, Aiden.  They are best friends and love each other so much.  They are waiting to watch the fireworks in this picture. 
 My brother Mike and I playing cornhole, while my nephew, Will, looks on. 
 Having a blast with my fam.
 Mike, Aiden, and Gavy.  All the boys are improving on their swimming this year!
 Nathan has made the most improvement.  He jumps from the diving board without a lifejacket and swims across the pool.  Amazing how big he he is. 
 The twins in their cool shades.  I ask to take a picture and this is what I get.  Hilarious.