Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letters to my two year old boys

Dear Gavin,

You are two years old today! Two years ago I was holding you for the very first time. It is hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly. It has been a pretty difficult two years, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

You are 36.5 inches tall and weigh 29lbs. You amaze me every single day with how much you know and how much you are talking. You communicate with us so easily and you know way too many words to count. We have even got some 4-5 word sentences out of you. You are so smart. And so kind. You love cuddling with us and playing with your big brother. You have a really sweet spirit. You are mostly gentle and have the sweetest smile. Tonight is your second birthday party. We are having a Dora theme because you and Kai love Dora. You ask me all the time "Mama...I wanna watch Dora. Dora!!" It is sweet. This has been such a busy month for us. You had to go to the emergency room because you were so sick. You ran a fever of over 104 and had to go get IV fluids. I was so proud of you for being such a big boy while they were doing all the tests. You just held on to me so tightly. I hated seeing you in pain. On a happier note, Christmas was really fun this year. You enjoyed spending time with family and opening presents. You got all sorts of toys! In other news, you may be getting close to potty training. You have shown more interest in it the past few weeks. We will be pretty casual with it for awhile and let you lead the way.

So 2 years old now! This ends my monthly letters to you sweet boy. I'm really lucky to be your mom, Gavin. It think you are an amazing kid and I'm happy to know you.

Love always,



Dear Kai,

Happy birthday sweetheart! You are two years old today! Time has just flown by this past year. It has gotten so much easier since your first birthday!

You are getting so big and tall. You are 37 inches tall and weigh 29lbs. You are talking more and more, but it is hard to recognize the words that you are saying. We have our consultation with first steps later this month. Hopefully you will qualify for speech services so that we can get you on the right track. I will say this though Kai-bear, you have the sweetest laugh and give the best hugs and kisses. You tell me that you love me all the time. It melts my heart. If only you were so kind to your brothers! Your new favorite thing is pinching. We have been working on that one! You are still a pretty picky eater although you are getting better each day. I know you will eat well tonight at least! We are having your second birthday party tonight and we are having a Dora cake! Your Aunt Ally made it for you and Gavin because you love Dora. That is one of your words that we understand with no problems! We had a busy month with Christmas and everything. You loved opening presents and watching Christmas movies. It was really sweet to see you interact with our family. You are a sweet boy Kai-bear. Everyone loves to snuggle you and rub your hair. You have the most gorgeous curls. I don't want to cut them! Since you are 2 now, this ends my monthly letters to you. I'll switch to every 6 months now. It has been an amazing two years.

My sweet tiny little 7lb baby is 2 years old! Where does time go?! I love you so much Kai. You are an awesome little boy and I'm so proud to be your mom. Happy birthday sweetie.



Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions

1. Kick ass in school!! Classes start in 2 days! I'm nervous and excited. More nervous. I just want to do well.

2. Maintain my weight loss and fitness level.

3. Complete another 5K with a better time.

4. Go on date-nights with Brandon at least once a month! This is so important for our sanity.

5. Be a better friend. Spend more time working on my friendships.

Update to last year's resolutions!

My New Year's Resolutions post from the beginning of 2011, is seen here.

So how did I do?

1. Finish my Couch to 5K program and run a 5K! I did it!! I ran 2 5Ks this year!

2. Lose 5 more lbs and maintain my weight loss. I actually lost about 15 and have maintained it!

3. Encourage healthy sleeping habits for the babies. (Which basically means....GET THEM TO SLEEP AT SOME POINT THIS YEAR!!) Done! Everyone is sleeping! Life is wonderful with sleep.

4. Get caught up with scrapbooking. I am exactly a year behind because of the babies' arrival. I am planning on working on the books one day a week and I'm also going to attend scrapbooking workshops around town. I love going to those and now I can finally be away from the babies for several hours at a time. I didn't do so well at this. I'm still about a year behind. Life gets in the way sometimes.

5. Sometime this year, I will be going back to work! I want to get a great job that I enjoy going to. I have two!! I enjoy my infusion job and my Labor and Delivery job. I'm a better mom and wife when working!