Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goals for the month of June

Now that the Biggest Loser is over...I WON!!!! :)

I really need to set-up some goals so that I can stay on my path to weight loss and healthier living.

-I want to run at least 10 miles a week. By the end of June, I would like to be able to run for 5 miles at a time. I think this is a pretty good goal. Last week was the first time that I ran for 4 miles, so I think that a goal of 5 miles is totally reasonable.

-Rock my next 5K! I want to beat my last 5K time of 40:10. My next race is this weekend June 4th!! I'm excited because it is in my town so I don't have to get up so early! I'm ready to do it!

-I've been sticking very closely to my half-marathon training plan, so I'd like to keep that up! I do Pilates or Kettlebells on off days. So I'm going to stick to that for the month of June.

-I would like to weigh 155 by June 30th. This may be a lofty goal actually. I didn't do very well on my diet over Memorial Day (damn you Red Velvet Cake), so I gained two pounds (although this could be fluctuation too because my weight likes to yo-yo from day to day). Either way, I was at 158 this morning, so I've got 3 pounds to lose this month!

I want to continue tracking my calories and control my portions

Non-health related:

-I want to get last Summer completely scrapbooked. I am about a year behind and would like to slowly get caught up.

-Now that Nathan is out of school, I would like to do 3 trips a week with the kids. Either to the park, pool, or to visit Grandma. I helps for us to get out of the house and break the monotony. Daily (for nice days) walks are also in the plan.

-Stick to my cleaning schedule so that the house stays somewhat nice.

-Continue my long and depressing job search. I actually have an interview this Saturday afternoon, so I'm hoping that goes well. We shall see!

All in all, it will be a busy month! I'll post along the way about my progress and post at the end of June for a wrap-up!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My biggest Loser Results- Also...pictures!!!!

The first time I have ever posted a picture of my belly POST-THREE-KIDS-INCLUDING TWINS!! Please don't note the stretch marks. Comes with the territory.

Today is the last day of the Biggest Loser competition!!

I've rocked it. Really. I'm amazed at my results.

I started at 167.8

I'm at 156.2

I've lost 11.6 pounds.

12+ inches from every part of my body.

I'm so much more fit and healthy.

I've lost 5% body fat. And a total of 6.7% of my body weight.

I've gained muscle in every part of my body.

I can run for 4 miles or over 50 minutes without stopping.

I'm in a "normal" BMI for the first time since high school.

I can keep up with my kids.

I watch what I eat without depriving myself.

Whether I win or not...I've done it. Thanks for your support along the way. I feel awesome.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Results are in!

40:11 finishing time.

12:56 average mile time

700+ people participating

I came in 129th

I was 12th in my age group (20-29 year old women).

Not too shabby for my first race! Sure, I'm slower than a grandma with a walker, but that's ok. I have years to get faster!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My first race!

Look at me, I'm an official runner! We got to the race early so that I could get an idea of the course and get my race packet. I got the shoe chip all tied down to my shoe. And took a picture (of pretty much everything).
My race number! I felt like a real runner!
Before the race. Ready and nervous.
I was in a goofball kind of mood this morning. Thanks to Brandon for putting up with my silliness and taking all the pictures!
See this? Yeah, this is the hill at the end of the race. You can kinda see it, but the trail zigzags back and forth up this hill. This started at the 3 mile mark, so a whole 10th of a mile! Yeah, this pretty much ruined my time. I'm not sure of my finish time yet, I'm thinking a little over 40 minutes. But this hill was awful. AND...probably 1/4 of a mile was on pea gravel. That is A LOT harder than I expected. Like running on sand.
And we are off! I was pretty wired at the start because it started 15 minutes late. That was annoying.
I was so excited! It was a family event, so there were lots of kids (fast little things).
This is around the 1/2 mile mark. I was feeling pretty good at this point! After about 2 miles and the long ass stretch of pea gravel, I was having a tough time. Mentally, I was tired and hot (76 degrees and sunny) and my legs were hurting. But I kept it up!
3 miles in! Getting ready to start the dreaded hill. This hill was such a mind-game for me. I worried about it the whole race. Next time, I will be looking for a flatter course (even though the race information said it was flat!)
Coming around the last zigzag. I was looking at Brandon and just kept thinking "I can do it. Almost there. He is right there."
Coming towards the finish!! I was so ready to be done! I was cursing this hill.
DONE! I was so tired and so relieved. I went over to Brandon and just sobbed. It was so hard and so tiring. But so worth it. 10 weeks worth of training.
Number 107 is done! My legs were shaking at this point.
I'm a 5K runner now. I came, I did, I got the T-shirt. All in all, I loved the whole experience. I'm already planning my next run because I want to go faster (without hills). I loved the excitement and build-up. I loved running with people and pushing myself. My time isn't published yet, so I will update that when it is. I'm guessing about 40:10. I wanted to finish under 40 and I would have if not for the gravel and that hill. BUT, I did it. I'm proud and ready to get back out there!! Thanks for all the support along the way. It means a lot to me.

Friday, May 20, 2011

On the eve of my first 5K race

I'm kinda freaking out a little bit.

I'm really nervous! What if I finish last? What if I start out too fast and end up not being able to do it? I have to be there tomorrow at 7:30. Which means we have to leave at 6:30. I've never ran that early before. What if I just can't? These are just a fraction of my worries right now!

Brandon is going with me while my in-laws are keeping the boys. I'm so glad that he will be able to be there. He is going to take pictures and cheer me on.

I'm just hoping to finish under 40 minutes. But honestly, I just want to finish and finish strong. I will update tomorrow!

Week 8 weigh in

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

158.2! 9.6lbs down!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

There is no one way to parent

and judgment will get you nowhere. You know, I used to think that I had this parenting thing all figured out. I would do this and this and NOT do this and I would be perfect and everyone else was doing it WRONG. I was a fool.

There honestly is no right way to do this. That has hit me twice this week. Once when I was reading a friend's blog and she was remarking on how people had judged her for her parenting. I panicked thinking that she had felt some sort of judgment from me because we had made different choices in the past. Thankfully all was well and she was commenting about something else entirely. But that honestly had me evaluting my interactions with other mothers. Do I come off as judgmental? I am a very opinionated person obviously. I have a passion for things and they can take over my thinking. But I do not want to come off that way. Not in the least.

And two, someone actually told me that I am selfish for weaning my twins. Are you fucking kidding me?! I posted on a Breastfeeding friendly Facebook page. The question was "What are your current breastfeeding goals?" I remarked about how I was in the process of weaning the babies. I had two more sessions to drop and hoped to be done by 18 months. Someone actually sent me a private message saying that I needed to let the twins decide when they wanted to "self-wean". I was shocked and outraged.

You know what?! There is no right way to do this. Not in the least bit. I say that as long as you are the best parent that you can be and your child is safe, warm, and fed then you are doing a DAMN GOOD JOB. Screw everyone else that casts their judgment upon you. This is ridiculous. If you want to breastfeed, then you should, and I hope that you can find the information and support you need. If you don't or can't, then you know what, it will be ok. My breastfeeding posts may have come off a little strong in the past. I regret that. It took having twins and realizing how really hard this breastfeeding thing really is.

So there is my little rant and self-realization for the day. If I have said or posted anything on this page that has made you feel judged in your parenting: I'm sincerely sorry.

And to the bitch that sent me that private message: you suck.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Family picture!

We took this last week! I just forgot to post it! Turned out pretty good I think. :) I heart my family.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


9 lbs down today! Well, 9.2 to be exact. Almost to my goal of a 10lb loss for the Biggest Loser competition! We have a little over 2 weeks left and I think it can be done. It has started to hit me that I need to have an end goal in sight. I'm thinking that a final goal of 150 is a reasonable weight for me. That would give me a BMI of around 22 which is right in the middle of "normal". I'd honestly be happy around 155, so we shall see! Either way, what I am doing is working! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I finally graduated from the Couch to 5K program!! My results have been amazing. I've lost 8lbs (combined with a more sensible diet and cross training) and gained so much endurance. I can run for 40+ minutes now. My miles are pretty slow (around 13minute miles) but I'm slowly getting better. I feel so proud. It was a long and hard 9 weeks. With good runs and bad runs, I pushed through.

Some tips for you beginners out there:

1. Get some good shoes. You will hear this from everybody and their brother, but it is so true. Go to a running store and get some advice from the pros.

2. Put a race on your calendar. Knowing that I have my race to look forward to, I want to push harder and train better!

3. If you have a rough day, your training is not ruined. Brush it off and get back out there next time!

4. Don't run in direct sunlight and 85 degree heat if you aren't used to it. It will end badly. Ask me how I know....

5. You can absolutely do this. Absolutely. I was one of you. I was a huffing and puffing after 1 minute of running in the beginning of this program. Seriously, I thought I was going to croak. But go slow and know that in the end, you will be able to do it! I can't explain the satisifaction of finishing. It feels amazing and I feel free. I'm no longer the inactive person that I once was. I plan my day around working out and running now. I'm fit and I feel it.

So, what is next for me? Well, I have my first race next Saturday! I'm nervous and excited and happy. After that, I'm going to start training for a half-marathon. Insane? Probably so. But I remember in the beginning of the Couch to 5K, I was thinking that 3.1 miles seemed crazy and now? Now it is not so bad. So maybe I really can do more. Along the way, I will have more 5K races and maybe some 10Ks. The sky is the limit for me at this point.


Nathan's 4th birthday party!

Cupcakes for Nathan's big day!!
The weather was perfect! Nathan and his cousins played on the trampoline.
Birthday boy!
Gavin being cute.
Kai being cute.
Nathan blowing out his candle
Showing Kai the fire truck from Uncle Nick!
From Grandma and Grandpa Parker!

Nathan got a bike from Mommy and Daddy!
Safety first.
He loved it. It took him a couple of days to get the hang of the pedals, but he is a pro now!
Daddy trying to teach him.
My big, big boy. Sniff. It was a great day! We had lots of family here to celebrate it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Letters to my three boys

Dear Nathan,

Four years ago today I was holding you for the first time! It was so nice to finally see your face after all those months. I can't believe that these four years have gone by so quickly! You've changed so much since your last letter at 3 and 1/2.

School continues to be the best thing ever. You love going! You are learning so much that it is hard to keep up with you sometimes. You now know all the letters of the alphabet (both upper and lowercase). You can sing the alphabet song and you are even starting to write! You can write your name and "mom". You are also learning how to draw things. You love art class at school. You bring home all sorts of paintings and pictures! They go straight to the refridgerator, so we are running out of room up there. You made me the sweetest Mother's Day card. Knowing the alphabet has really opened up your love of books. You love for us to read to you every night. We always have to read "just one more". I hope this love of reading and books continues throughout your life.

You've turned into such a big boy! You are 37lbs and 42 inches tall. You are going to be taller than Mama before we know it! You are now sleeping all on your own too! We got bunk beds for your room and you sleep on the top. You call it your "upstairs bed". You have also become quite the conversationalist. Your speech improves by the day and your vocabulary just keeps growing. You are able to recount your day to me when you get home from school. You always ask about my day too. And you are very interested in how Gavin and Kai's days went. You are a good big brother. You are constantly playing with them and trying to keep them out of trouble. You are big enough to carry them around, so you are constantly pulling them off the couch and fireplace. You even try to put them in "timeout". You are starting to dress yourself and you have opinions on what you want to wear. You like to be comfortable! You hate polo shirts and you aren't a fan of jeans. The minute you get home from school, you change into pajamas. It is really cute.

Four years has come and gone. We had your party tonight. Our friends and family came out to celebrate with you and you had a blast. You got a bike for your birthday! You can't quite figure out the pedals yet, but I think it is just a matter of time. I love you so much Nathan Cole. Happy birthday!




Dear Gavin,

You are 16 months old today! The weather has been beautiful lately, so it has been so nice for us to get outside! You love playing with the cars and basketball hoop out there!

A lot has changed this month! The biggest change has been your nap routine. I used to hold both you and Kai in my arms for your nap. It was a long two hours for me to sit in the recliner and rock you. I decided to move you to the bed this past month and so far, you are doing great! It is so much easier to get you to sleep and you seem to get better rest that way. Because we aren't sitting in the chair for naps, I have dropped that nursing session. You are down to twice a day now. I'm going to give this routine about a month or so and then we will drop more. In other news, you are our climbing boy! I lose count of the number of times I have to get you off the table. You will climb on anything. I think you like the challenge. You always look so proud of yourself when you get where you were going. You are starting to communicate more to us. You point out things and tell us when you are hungry by pointing to your mouth. You are also starting to do the hand motions to the "Isty Bitsy Spider". It is so sweet! You have been teething and have more teeth than I can count. You are changing so much!

I love you so much Gavin. Your personality makes me smile and you light up my day.




Dear Kai,

May is here and you are 16 months old now! Now that the weather is nice, we have been spending a lot of time outside. You love playing in the dirt and with the rocks. Typical boy!

A lot has changed this month. Mostly your sleep! Naptime has become a lot easier around here. I've recently started to put you and Gavin to sleep in the bed instead of holding you in the recliner. It has been working wonderfully and I know that you get a lot better sleep! You are also sleeping a bit more at night too! You still wake up a couple of times, but it is so much easier to get you back to sleep. Because we aren't doing nap in the chair anymore, we have dropped another nursing session. You are down to twice a day now. Within the next month or so, we will drop another. You are taking the transition beautifully! You still get a bottle of whole milk, so it really is no big deal to you. In other news, this month you had an ECHO done on your heart. Our doctor kept hearing a murmur and we wanted to get it checked out. Thankfully you did great and the murmur is nothing to be concerned about. You are finally done with teething for awhile! You've got a lot of teeth in there now! Such a toddler.

I love you so much Kai. You have the world's best laugh and you are so sweet.



Milestone for mama

I ran tonight for 3.1 miles. I ran a 5K! I'm honestly so proud of myself. I completed something that I started and put my whole body and heart into it. I won't lie and say it was easy, but I really did it. I got out there in 85 degree heat and ran for 43 minutes (yes, I am so slow, but my feet kept moving). Right before I started to run, I smiled because I knew I was going to do it. In the middle of my first mile (always the hardest for me) I said to myself, "They will have to drag my cold, dead body off this road because I am finishing this."

I cried when I finished. Cheesy? Yes. I just couldn't help it. Such a big hurdle to overcome and I was just so happy that I pushed through.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I'm in the 150s!!! *Insert happy dance here* Granted, my weight was 159.8 today but it still counts! Yesssssssssssssssssss!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Broke the 161 mark!

Finally. I've been stuck there for weeks! I was beginning the think that my scale was going on strike. But, I was 160.8 this morning. Soooooo close to the 150s!

In related news, I start week 9 of the Couch to 5K today! I have kept up with something for 9 weeks! My run today will be 3 miles. 3 long-ass miles. A 5K is equivalent to 3.1 miles (I may just push it to 3.1 so that I can say I ran a 5K today). I'm going to do this!!! I got new music on my iPhone for inspiration. I'll report back later!

And I see from my stats that lots of people are searching for "Couch to 5K blog" and ending up here. If you are reading this message, know that you can absolutely effing (I would drop the f-bomb here, but I don't want to scare my blogreaders, instead I will use effing) do this. It sucks ass in the beginning. And I know people say this all the time but....if I can do this, you can. I never (never-in-a-million-effing-years) thought that I could be a runner. And I am gearing up to run 3 miles today. Seriously. Get your ass out there and rock it.

Monday, May 9, 2011


That's me. I now have a normal BMI! Awesome feeling, even if it is just a number. I am going to be working hard these next few weeks. I'm really watching my calories by keeping a food journal. I'm already working out every day, but I think that I am not estimating my calories correctly. My Biggest Loser competition ends in a little over 3 weeks and I want to finish strong. I also really want to see those 150s!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My beautiful wind-chime from my amazing husband and kids. I love it. It is so pretty! I've had a great day so far. Brandon has cleaned the house and done the laundry and changed all the diapers! Having a great dinner later and just enjoying the day with my family.
Nathan made this for me at school.
And this too. My card from Nathan Cole. So sweet. I love that kid!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

8 weeks down!

I only have one week left of the couch to 5K program! I am running for 2.5 miles each time now. 2 weeks from today is my first race. I'm nervous but so excited! I just keep picturing that finish line. I can do it!

Friday, May 6, 2011

ECHO for toddlers

Kai had his ECHO today. All in all, it was a smooth experience.

The heart center was in the hospital, so we had to park in a parking garage which didn't accept credit cards (more on this later). We hand in the paperwork that had been mailed to us and Kai and I waited in the lobby. I marveled at how easy it was to only look after one kid for a change (Gavin stayed with Brandon and Nathan went to preschool).

We were called back very quickly. The ECHO room had a giant mural of the Earth painted on one wall (very cool). The technician was so nice and chatted about how cute Kai was (but of course!). He turned on Elmo's world for Kai although he wasn't very interested in it. He allowed me to sit on the table with Kai who was crying at this point. I was nervous that we wouldn't be able to get a good reading because he was so upset. Then I had the stroke of genius to offer to nurse him. Well that did it. He sat on my lap and was quietly nursing the whole time. Granted it was a little strange to have the tech's hand near my boob as he was putting the ultrasound probe over Kai's chest. But it was ok, this guy didn't even bat an eyelash.

Because I was able to get Kai to sit so perfectly, the tech remarked how he had never gotten "such good shots" from a one year old before! The test was over in about 15 minutes. We don't get the results until Monday, but the tech told me that he didn't see anything alarming that he would be notifying the doctor about.

So we pack up and I ask where the nearest ATM was so that I could get money for the parking garage. Turns out that the ATM in the hospital was broken. So I had to pay our parking charge in pennies that I found in the bottom of my purse. It was so funny. The guy in the booth was cracking up.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do I have the link to your blog?

If you are a regular reader here, can you link me back to your blog so that I can add it to my list? Thanks!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting kinda ticked

about this weight loss thing. I've gained two pounds since last Friday! I have no idea what is going on. At the same time, I've lost a total of 4% body fat, so I guess I'm gaining muscle? I don't know. Perhaps the three day break from working out did it. I'm hoping my weight goes back down before my weigh-in on Friday.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Injury and interview

I hurt my back. And I have no idea how I did it or what I've actually done, but it is painful to walk. Therefore, I can't run and I am sad and mad. I hate that I can't get out and run today. My back has hurt for three days so I haven't run since Saturday. I feel lazy. (EDIT: I went and ran anyway today. 2.5 miles. I had to do it.)

In other news, I had my interview this morning. I highly doubt that I got the job considering she talked about a nurse that used to work there. She was hoping that that nurse would come back to this job. So I'm thinking my interview and the others' interviews are merely a formality.

Tip to people who interview: Even if you are interviewing eleventy billion people, don't talk about them. Just end the interview with "You'll hear from me soon." The end. No need to say "Well I'm meeting with countless people this week. I'm just jammed with interviews." That doesn't make me feel good.

All in all, it was a giant waste of time and I'm sure that I'll never hear from them again. Which is sad, because it is a great company and I really wanted the job.

Also, nothing like a crappy job interview to make you want to eat and eat and eat. I want to eat ALL THE THINGS because I'm sad. So I might as well gain all my weight back and be an unemployed lazy slob for the rest of my life.

Yes, I might just be a touch dramatic today.