Monday, September 13, 2010

Letters to my sons....

Dear Gavin,
You are 8 months old!! September is here and it is still hot! I look forward to cooler weather so that we can be out of the house more often.

You have come so far this month! Lots of new things have happened. First of all, you are crawling! No more belly-crawling for you. You are also completely sitting up on your own. You actually prefer to be sitting now. You look like such a big boy. You pull up to stand and are starting to cruise around furniture. You and Kai like to pull up on the couch together. It is sweet to see you both standing together and laughing at each other. You now have 6 teeth! You got all four top teeth at the same time. Although you aren't using your teeth for anything other than biting Mommy right now. You aren't interested in food at all yet. I hoping that you start liking food soon. Because you are now crawling you are much more interested in toys. We have a bus full of blocks that you love to play with. You and Kai like to take all the blocks out and climb all over the bus. You also spend a lot of time playing with Nathan. He can make you laugh (and cry) like nobody else can. You love to climb up on the mini-trampoline while he is jumping on it. He bounces you all around and you just laugh and laugh. It is so sweet. You seem to think that you are already a toddler, although your size would make it seem that way. You are just like your big brother, very tall and chunky!
8 months has come and gone and a year is right around the corner. You are growing and learning every day and it is a joy to watch you. I love you sweet Gavy.




Dear Kai,
It is September and you are 8 months old already! Time just flies by sometimes. It is still really hot outside, so we are all looking forward to cooler weather.

So many new things have happened this month. This has been your biggest month for leaps in development. You are now crawling! And you did it before Gavin this time! You normally like to learn things from him, but this time you taught him how to crawl. You are fast too! You can crawl the length of the house in no time. You look too tiny to be crawling. You are still my long and lean boy. If you didn't eat all the time, I would be worried because you are so little still! But you love food and love to nurse, so I think that you are getting enough. You are also pulling up to stand on furniture. It is amazing to see you standing up next to Gavin. You two like to "talk" back and forth, it is so sweet. You seem like such big boys when you do that. You also have two teeth now. And your sleep has really regressed. You are waking up all the time and we aren't sure why. Hopefully that changes soon. You have so much hair now. It is curly and thick and so cute! Because you are crawling around now, you are much more interested toys. Although you would rather eat paper. :) If there is a tiny piece of paper on the floor, you will find it! You love to play with blocks and in the dishwasher. You love cups and cables too.

You are getting so big, yet still seem so small. You will always be my little Kai-bear though. I love you so much!



Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go Colts!

It is opening day for the 2010 NFL! We are Colts fans through and through! We love lazy Sundays while watching the game. Go Blue!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Times 2!

Gav is now a crawling boy! No more army crawling for him either! They are getting so big! Both of them are pulling up on furniture to stand. *sigh* Only a matter of time before we have some walkers in here!

Seeing them grow and slowly move away from the tiny baby stage, surprisingly does not make me want another one. I'm actually beginning to think that three boys is a perfect sized family for us. Obviously no final decisions will be made because I have over 20 years of fertility left, but it is nice to feel a sense of completion when looking around the house. And after our weekend in Chicago, Brandon and I really want some more time as a couple again. We are happy to say goodbye to the baby stage for awhile!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our time in Chicago!

This past weekend, Brandon and made a trip to Chicago for my friend's wedding! I was so ready for a much-needed break!
He was ready too.

Cocktail hour

Me...very excited to be there!

Love him.

My new favorite picture of us. We had such a great time.

Me and the lovely bride

Just a tiny bit drunk.

And here's why....

We had a great time and I really loved being able to get away for a night. Congrats to Sara and Joe!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Way to go Kai-bear! We didn't expect you to start crawling first! You are getting so big! No more army-crawling for you!