Friday, May 14, 2010

Nathan's 3rd Birthday Party!

Birthday boy, Nathan Cole!
Gavin and Kai! Kai is wearing a shirt that says "Best little brother!"

Gav is saying "Yo!" and Kai is cracking up.

Mama and Daddy

Gavin laughing with Grandma

My hubby
My brothers, Tommy and Ben playing on our playset


My future sister-in-law with my nephew Aidan. I ha three of my brother's kiddos there! Two nephews and one on the way. 11 weeks! :)

Daddy talking to Kai
Nathan opening presents. My son has a problem keeping clothes on. :)

Loved the Lincoln Logs!

Three generations minus Nathan
Allyson and me

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Letters to my sons

Dear Nathan,

Today is your third birthday!!! Happy birthday sweetheart!! Three years ago today I was holding you for the first time and my life changed forever.

You weigh around 35lbs and are inches tall. You have changed so much it is hard to know where to begin with this letter! First and foremost, you have adjusted very well to having two new baby brothers! You love "Gavy-Kai" and talk to them all the time. You can make them laugh like no one else can. They just adore you and I can tell they are going to look up to you one day. You love to give them kisses and hugs. It is really sweet to see.

Your speech has come so far! You are saying sentences now! I can't even begin to count the words in your vocabulary. I am so glad we did speech therapy with you. Now that you are 3, therapy has ended. We are happy that you are moving on, but sad because we will really miss Julie and Rya.

Speaking of moving on, you are starting pre-school in the fall! We found out yesterday that you were accepted into their program! We are so excited for you! It is going to be amazing to watch you grow as a person and develop friendships.

We had your third birthday party tonight. It was so fun! We had lots of guests and had pizza and cupcakes. You had so much fun playing with all the kids in the backyard. Although you ended up half naked at the end of the night. You have issues with keeping clothes on!

We are still having problems with discipline. You have so much energy and we have been stuck in the house a lot due to the weather and the babies. We have moved to doing time outs in your
room now. Hopefully that helps. We also made the guest room into your play room and you really love it in there! Hopefully having more space to yourself helps.

You are an amazing soul and spirit. You have this endless amount of energy that can last for days. You are a great big brother and I am so excited to see you grow and change over this next year. I love you so much.




Dear Gavin,

Hello sweetheart! You are four months old today! Today is also your brother's 3rd birthday and it is so fun to see you interact with our family.

You currently weigh around 15lbs! You are getting so big! You learned how to roll over this past month. Now, you hardly stay on your back at all! You love to roll over and then you get upset because you can't figure out how to get back. You have discovered your feet and love playing with them. You are constantly busy and moving around. Which I think is why you are now keeping Mama up all night! You have been up every hour recently. I think that you are going through a growth spurt right now. You nurse a lot but you also spit up a lot. You drool a lot too! You have such a fun personality. You love spending time with Grandma. You also love laughing at Nathan. You think he is just hilarious! You are starting to interact with Kai too. You both hold hands when you are laying next to each other or nursing together. It is really sweet.

Four months has gone by in the blink of an eye! Next thing I know you will be 6 months old and starting solid foods! I love you so much!




Dear Kai,

You are four months old today! Today is your brother's 3rd birthday and your personality is really shining through.

You have really changed into a bubbly and active little person! You weigh a little over 14.5lbs. You are constantly moving. You love rolling over now and could spend all day lying on your belly. You have turned into such a calm and loving boy. You adore Nathan. You crack up whenever he is around. You really love Gavin too. You hold his hand and you both love looking at each other. It is sweet to see you interact with each other. You are starting to sleep a little better at night, but you still have to be sleeping on me to get any sort of rest. You love nursing and would be happy if I let you nurse all day and all night. You are constantly chewing on your fists and drooling. You are playing with toys now and are fascinated that you can grab things with your hands.

You are changing right before my eyes! 4 months has come and gone. I can't believe that 6 months is right around the corner. I love you, sweet boy.



Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

The reason I am "Mama".

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Milestone for Gav

He rolled over today!! :)