Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting hypnobabies today!

So thanks to a friend, I was able to borrow the Hypnobabies CDs! This was very helpful to us because we just did not have the money in the budget to purchase them. My friend did not have the workbook, so I was able to call the Hypnobabies company and ask to purchase just the book. The customer service at Hypnobabies is excellent! They allowed me to purchase the workbook and even threw in a special CD just for twin moms for free!

So today begins my Hypnobabies journey! I'm really excited! Having just read the introduction portion, I can tell you that everything makes sense to me.

The introduction focuses on the fact that our society tells women that childbirth needs to be traumatizing and painful. Many women go through their labors and births without ever knowing that it can be the most beautiful experience of their lives. In Hypnobabies, they focus on breaking down those thoughts of pain and trauma related to childbirth and embracing the mind's ability to control the body's sensations. Truly, it is all very fascinating.

So I am learning all about how to trust in my body and how to relax in such a way that I am open to the beauty and spirit of amazing births. I am using births as plural because there are in fact two seperate babies in there! I choose to focus on the positive.

If you are unsure of what Hypnobabies is, you can click here. I will probably be talking a lot about Hypnobabies on here as I go through the self-study course and work towards beautiful births!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A proud mama moment

So this might not be a big deal to some, but today was a really good day in our house.

As most of you know, Nathan has been diagnosed with speech delay and sensory processing disorder. We are working with speech therapists twice a week to increase his vocabulary and understanding of language.

The thing about therapy is that it is often frustrating for him and I. He really tries so hard and it makes me sad to see him struggle with words and those emotions. The process of therapy is also very slow. Changes from week to week are rare, but the big picture changes over months of time is plainly seen.

This week however, Nathan really made me proud. The therapist held 5 crayons in her hand. She asked Nathan to pick the green crayon. I was thinking in my head, "We aren't even working on colors yet. He is not going to know this." I mean, I work on colors with him all the time, but the therapists have not began working on colors yet. Anyway, my amazing son picked the green crayon and yelled "GREEN!" I about cried right there. He IS making progress! He IS listening to me babble on all day about the green grass, the green shirt, the green cup, etc.

It made me feel really good.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

24 weeks

I am considered 6 months pregnant today! So exciting!

How I am feeling: Pretty good right now. I am trying to work with my limitations and not do as much during the day. This seems to help with the shortness of breath that I have been having. I feel a little guilty about it because a lot of the household chores just aren't getting done during the day anymore, but I am doing what I can. I just have to make rest and relaxation a priority right now. The babies are still kicking up a storm in there. I can't imagine what it will feel like when they are bigger! I am having lots of braxton hicks contractions now and they are a bit annoying. I have a midwife appointment next week so I will talk to her about those then. I am wondering if I should have another ultrasound to make sure that my cervix is still nice and thick. I will ask her and she what she says.

What the babies are up to: The babies are regularly sleeping and waking. I can tell when they are sleeping and when they are awake. They sleep most often when I am up and moving around. They wake up the minute I lie down the rest. Real hair is beginning to grow on their heads. By now each may be slightly longer than 8 inches from crown to rump and weigh more than 1 1/3 pounds (630 grams). With intensive medical care, some babies born this week may be able to survive.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Who to have at the birth

I am trying to visualize who will be here when these babies are born. I like to have a set picture in my mind of the faces I will see in the room.

-Obviously Brandon will be here. :) He is a great man to have on hand to do the practical things around the house and to see that my needs are being met.
-2 midwives and their assistant.
-My mom will probably be here for Nathan support. He will need someone here to make sure that his needs are taken care of. Also to make sure to take him out if things get too intense for him. And in case of transfer, I will need someone to stay here.

However, I am thinking that I am going to need another person here for support for me. I just want someone who has gone through this before (homebirth) and who is supportive of homebirth in general. I don't think that I want an actual doula there (mainly because I just don't think that I have that in the budget, see the previous post about stuff to buy). I also want someone who has an eye for photography so that the labor and births can be captured. The logical choice would be a close friend. However, I just don't that many women in my life who fit all those things. I have a couple of people that I know through my homebirth support group, but would that be weird to ask them? "Hey, I know we don't really talk all that much, but can you be here when I give birth?"

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The master "to buy" list

So I realized that if I shoot for my goal of having these babies around the end of December, I only have three months left. And three BUSY months at that! So I needed to make a list of the things we need to get yet.

-Guard rails for beds
-carseat (thinking that we may ask for this for Christmas)
-double stroller (this one for when they are little and I am still looking for the one to use for when they are bigger)
-XS diaper covers
-a few more baby gowns
-a few more baby sleepers
-birthing pool and accessories
-stuff for birth kit
-twin nursing pillow
-belly bandit

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

23 weeks

A little late getting this up here, but 23 weeks now!

How I am feeling: Pretty good right now. It is nice to maintain an even level of hormones. Brandon is finally able to feel the babies moving now, so it is nice that he can connect with them. My belly feels ginormous. It is hard to imagine that I am just over halfway now. I am going to need a crane to move me around soon! The saddest part of having a huge belly already is not being able to hold Nathan close. :( My lap is growing smaller and smaller and Nathan gets frustrated trying to find a place. I also can't give Brandon a big hug! :( Other than that, there is nothing really new this week.

What the babies are up to: Twenty-three weeks into pregnancy, or 21 weeks after conception, the babies' skin is wrinkled, more translucent than before and pink to red in color.
This week the babies begin to have rapid eye movements. Each babies' tongue will soon develop taste buds. Fingerprints and footprints are forming. For boys, the testes are beginning to descend from the abdomen.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

22 weeks

22 weeks today! My belly is growing by the day.

How I am feeling: I love the second trimester! I think my hormones are more balanced now and I am feeling so much better. I am getting excited about the babies coming which is saying a lot considering how I was feeling just a couple of months ago. It really helps to know that we are expecting boys. I feel that I can relate to them now. And Brandon and I have picked out their names (not telling until birth day!) and it makes all the difference to call them by name. I adore the names we have chosen. They are just perfect. So the thought of having two more babies brings a smile to my face now. I won't lie and say that I still don't have moments of worry, but that is my nature and I am ok with that. I still go to therapy once a week to work out my past issues with birth and so that I can get into a better frame of mind for the upcoming labor. I am putting a lot of my focus on making sure that these babies stay in for as long as possible. I have had talks with my two boys and we all agreed that they would wait until 37 weeks to come out. :) I told them to be around 7lbs each and to come out crying for their mama. I have also instructed them to be good little nursers right away. :) Hey, a mama can dream, right?!

What the babies are up to: Kicking, kicking, kicking! They are very active in there right now. It is much more noticeable at night when I lie down for sleep. But I am feeling them more often throughout the day too. In fact, one of them is moving around as I type this! The babies are now covered in lanugo (a fine, downy hair) to protect their skin. Their hair may also be visible! Each weighs in at about 1 pound each.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

21 weeks

Closer to the end than the beginning!

How I am feeling: Today is a good day I think. I noticed that I actually feel better on days in which I really don't have to move very much! LOL! I just get so tired by the end of the day, it is hard not to just totally crash around 7pm. In other news, I have been going through all of Nathan's old clothes and I have completely organized them! It was so fun to pull out all of the little outfits and fold them. I went out and got a label maker (my OCD talking here) and had so much fun organizing the whole house. Sounds like I am nesting already. Other than that I am doing ok. Feeling the babies move around a lot more now. When I lie down at night, they like to keep me awake. :) Looking more forward to the homebirth now. Excited to start getting things ready for that and making plans. I am also going to be doing Hypnobabies. I am just so excited to start that and really begin preparing for the birth. I am starting to let go of the fears about the immediate post-partum time. I figure that I will get through it just fine. Brandon will be there to help and my mom lives close by.

What the babies are up to: Each is about 7.5 inches long. They are now able to swallow and are ready to start putting on weight!