Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bumper stickers!

Here are the bumper stickers I am ordering!! This one is basically to promote intactivism in the circ-happy midwest. If you would like more information on my stance on circumcision, please read this post by me. If one person sees this and wonders what I mean by it, then goes home and does some research, then it will all be worth it! Or maybe one mama, who like me, regrets doing this to her son, and she saves her future sons from it. Or a man, who had this done as a child and he can reach out to help himself or others. I am trying to turn my severe guilt and regret into something worthwhile. I am really trying to save others from this heartache.
I love this one! I think it really gets people to think about it. I mean why is the human species using another mammal's milk?! --Insert normal disclaimer here about how I really do understand when a small percentage of women cannot breastfeed and I am sorry for their loss of that relationship. I am saving this one. When I finally do get pregnant and begin planning my homebirth, I will slap this one on there. Can't wait for that!


-little mad girl said...

i love all of these stickers!

thank you so much for sending me your blogsite. i'll certainly be watching and reading ;)

TLC Tugger said...

Free Anti-Circ bumper/window stickers available from:

"10 out of 10 babies oppose circumcision"
"Feel the love, end circumcision"
"Bring home your WHOLE baby, say NO to circumcision"

Mandie said...

Thank you both for your comments!

Thanks to TLC Tugger for that site! Very helpful.

For those blog readers that don't know, TLC tugger is a device used in the process of foreskin restoration.

Thanks again! M