Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nathan's first haircut!

A before picture of the front. Taken a couple weeks ago.
A before picture of the back.
Getting ready for the haircut! We tried to sit him in a booster seat but he wasn't having it! Grandma ended up holding him.
Here he is saying "Pick me up, please."
First snips!
After picture of the front! So cute! He looks so much older now. I cried. :(
After picture of the back.

We took my little brothers and Nathan to Chuck E. Cheese afterwards.

Such a little ham!
He had fun with this game.

Playing back at home. A good side-view of his hair.
He has learned to open the gates.
Getting so tall!
Can I come in, Mom?
All in all it went well. Nathan did great and didn't cry at all. I cried mostly because it was just sad to see him looking so grown-up. But it is done now and I think he looks cute. Can't wait for Brandon to see it!


Jamie said...

cute! getting so big!

Natosha said...

Very cute. Love the haircut. I need to get Jude another one. :)

April&Jason said...

O how cute! He's just a handsome lil guy!

Please Press Pause said...

It looks great! He's such a cutie:)

Erin said...

He's so cute! I like that it's still long-ish. It looks good on him.