Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family fun time!

Nathan at Mitch's game. He had fun running up and down the rows.
My Uncle Tommy and my brother Ben
My brother Thomas and Nathan
Mitch and the Greensburg Pirates got to play at Lucas Oil Stadium (The Colts) in their first game of the season! Mitch was the quaterback! He did so good and it was amazing to see him up on the big screen and on TV!
My nephew Will

Nathan and Grandma (my Mama)
Awww...Nathan loves grandma!
Has so much fun with her!
Not letting go!!

The team
My Uncle Tommy and Uncle Dan watching the game. We all got shirts that said "Tuttle" on the back. It was cool! I wish we would have thought to take a big group picture!
My mama

My Uncle Tommy and Nathan at my brother's game
Nathan watching his Uncle Tommy!
Thomas and Nathan

Couldn't decide which sport to play!
So cute!
He choose well! We are a football family! Just like his uncles!
Uncle Tommy and Nathan playing ball.
Uncle Tommy and Nathan

We had such a nice family weekend! It was so nice to see my Uncles! They came from California and Georgia. It was really fun!

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