Sunday, August 17, 2008


We have moved on to cycle #7. I am pretty sad about it. I really just want this to be easy and it just plain isn't. I hate the fact that we have to go through this to have a family. It just isn't fair sometimes.

Anyway, we will be trying this month and the month of September using my fertility monitor. In September, we will be meeting with Dr. B to dicuss our IUI cycle. Hopefully we can do that in October.

I really hope that cycle #7 is lucky for us.

Pity party over...


April&Jason said...

I'm sorry sweetie! Got my fingers and toes crossed for ya! :) You know I understand how ya feel! GL with this cycle I hope its the one!


Heather said...

Hugs sweetie - I hate how hard this is for both of us. But then again, we know what miracles our babies are/will be. Some people just don't get that.