Saturday, July 12, 2008

Letter to my 14 month old boy...

Dear Nathan,

July has arrived and it is HOT! I can't believe that you are 14 months old! You get so much bigger every day it seems. You seem so much like a toddler now.

This month has been pretty eventful. Unfortunately, you have been very sick for the past week or so. Your poor belly has been upset. Mama and Daddy felt so bad for you. You haven't wanted to do anything but cuddle with Mama and nurse. Thank heaven you are nursing though. Mama knows that you can stay hydrated this way. This past month we have been so busy. We have been traveling back and forth a lot. We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. You had so much fun! They watched for you while we went to a wedding. It was their first time watching you and you (and them) had a great time. You were a good boy. That was the longest that Mama had been away from you. We also went to the Pride parade! It was a blast and you really enjoyed seeing all the people and floats. We have been traveling back and forth to Shelbyville to look at houses. Thankfully, we found one that we like. We will be moving soon. I hope that you handle the change ok. You also got to see your first fireworks show on the Fourth of July this past month! You loved it! You weren't able to go last year because you were too little. But this year, we kept you awake so that you could see it. It was fun! You had your first dentist appointment this month, it went well and we brush your teeth every night. You don't like that! You have done a lot this month. You walk perfectly now. You say "bye-bye". You shake your head "no".

Thank you so much for being such an amazing boy. You are the light of our lives sweet baby. And even though you are a toddler, you will always be my baby. I love you so much.




April&Jason said...

WOW 14 months already! Hope he is feeling better soon. Sounds like he a lil toddler now, you have many more wonderful months ahead of you! The toddler times are just wonderful.

Natosha said...

I love your letters to Nathan. They are so sweet and i know he will love them when he is older. Your such and amazing mother. It shows every time you talk about that sweet boy!