Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trying to figure out what to do...

Thanks for all the support concerning our big upcoming move!

Honestly, I am kind of freaking out about the whole thing. We looked at houses yesterday and hated them. One was too small, one was too outdated, yada, yada, yada. In the car on the way back, Brandon and I realized how hard it is going to be to find our dream house. We really just wish that we could pick this house up and move it. So we sent a very specific list back to our realtor saying the exact things that we would need to see in a house. She said that she would search some more. Although honestly, I highly doubt that she will be able to find it.

So, Brandon and I are talking about just building our own house. We have no idea if this is even possible on our budget or where to begin. But we just realize that it will be so hard to find a house that we like. And we want this move to be our last for a very, very, very long time. So we may just have to build our own. I am going to contact some more realtors and contractors tomorrow. See where we should go from here.

So what does this do to our TTC plans?? Honestly I have no clue. I will say that if we are building a house, I probably won't be doing an IUI cycle in August. We will probably wait until we know when the house is going to be finished before doing a cycle. Mainly because I will be having a homebirth next time and will want to birth in our new house.

So, not really much of an update. I am just writing everything out to help us decide what to do.

Thanks for reading!

As far as TTC goes right now (the old-fashioned way) I am at CD 15. Got a peak on my monitor yesterday! :)


Kathleen Bass said...

Mandie (and Brandon)..When i was buying my first hosue, I looked at soooo many houses before a realtor finally said "at this point, it would be easier for you to just build what you want...and cheaper, too!" I was shocked, but she was right! It was cheaper for me to build the house I wanted on the lot I picked. Yes, I had to wait a little longer (10 months, but that included the riduclous hurricane season in 2004) and i loved watching our home grow. :) If you have time to wait it out, builders should be offering incentives (washers/dryers, appliance upgrades, ceiling fans, upgraded carpet or flooring, attic stairs,..the most random incenitves) soon since the housing market is suffering. Do your research. Our builder threw in 6 months of house payments AND a pool, just because he wanted our house off his books before the end ofh is fiscal year. GOOD LUCK! It will all work out!

Mandie said...

Thank you so much Kathleen! I really appreicate the advice. It honestly sounds like it will be cheaper in the long run to build our own. I would rather wait it out and move into our dream house than move into something that I am simply "tolerating".

Thanks again!

luvourkaylee said...

Hey girl, GOOD Luck sweetie! I know house hunting is so hard!! Sounds like building will be the best option! And woohoo for a home birth!