Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Nathan in his Pride shirt! He looked so cute!
Classic Nathan...
The parade begins!!
Nathan was more interested in the diaper bag at first.
We saw lots of other parents babywearing at Pride! We love our Ergo!
They were throwing out beads!
Daddy and Nathan
The wedding cake float

Mama and Nathan
So cute.
The Obama head! Cracked us up.
Dorothy! She was hilarious!
Kent and Vixen from the Amazing Race! We got to say hi to them after! So cool!!
We had a wonderful time at Indy Pride! It was so much fun. Nathan really enjoyed himself and it was so nice to be around all sorts of different people.

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luvourkaylee said...

Awesome pic! My O my does he look like you! hahaha! He has gotten so big! I love seeing pics of him! We will have to get together before you all move!