Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Spring and big news at our house....

Although I think someone forgot to tell the weather. :( It is still cold and rainy here.

My mom sent me a text message from the beach yesterday! She is there on a cruise with my brothers for spring break. I wanted so badly to be there! The water looked so clear and blue and the sun was shining so bright!

So, I have really been searching my heart as to whether I should share the following news with all of you. I have debated in my head. But I have come to the conclusion that this blog is my way to communicate with the big world out there and if I weren't completely honest with the details of my life, then what is the purpose? Not to mention, I will need all the support I can get.

So our news....

Brandon received an offer for a new job. It was a pretty good offer. We would have liked to have seen more money but it was still good. Brandon is going to contact them back to see about offering more. So we shall see how that goes.

Either way though, Brandon and I are buying our house!! We currently rent it right now, but we really love it here and we don't want to move. So we are talking with the guy that owns it and the bank and we are buying it!!! I really hope everything works out ok.

If it does, we are getting the house loan for $15,000 more than what the house costs. We are using that extra $15,000 for another IVF cycle!!!!!!!!!! EEK!!!!!!!! We won't be doing the cycle right away. We plan on waiting until Nathan is done nursing (or really slowing down), but we will have the money in place for whenever we want to do it!!!!!!! Most likely it will happen late this year or early in 2009. This is huge news because before we talked about buying our house, we would have had to wait until our first IVF loan was paid off (2010). I really didn't want my kiddos to be 4 years apart! So we are thrilled and nervous and excited all at the same time!!

I think , I am more excited about the IVF cycle than I am the house! I am just really looking forward to having another little one, having a homebirth, cloth diapering a newborn, and breastfeeding all over again. But I can wait for sure. Nothing is more important to me than Nathan nursing, so we will wait until he is close to being done (because the IVF meds decrease milk supply). My ideal situation is for us to wait until Nathan is at least 18 months and only nursing a couple times a day. We shall see though! Its up to him!

So in related news, Brandon and I are officially trying to get pregnant the "old-fashioned" way. We are so hoping that, by the Grace of God, we get pregnant naturally, but we aren't expecting too much. So thus begins my new journey to trying to conceive (TTC: I will use this abbreviation a lot) a second little one. I plan to be really honest about this journey and as upfront as possible because I really want to have this record to look back on.

I think that it takes a lot of courage to try again. We have been through a lot on the infertility road. But now I know how amazing the reward is. Nathan makes every tear, every prayer, every heartache worth it. He is the light of my life and I can't wait to do it all over again.

And so blog-readers (if you are out there) welcome to the start of an amazing journey!!

Today is March 20th, I am on cycle day (CD: I will use this abbreviation a lot too) 21. I am 5 days past ovulation (DPO: again with the abbreviations) and I will be testing on Thursday March 27th.

Thanks for reading!


Kathleen Bass said...

Mandie, that is all VERY exciting news! I hope baby #2 comes much faster than baby #1 did! No need to go thru it all over again, right?
Hope the offer increases and the home owner is easy to work with. 2008 is an exciting year for you guys! Enjoy and CONGRATS! :)

Elizabeth said...

I read your blog often- just happened across it one day when I was surfing blogs - and will say a prayer for you. I know some of the pain and joy of children and the process of getting them! Anyway - wishing you many blessings and an easy path.

Anonymous said...

Yay Mandie!! I hope you get a surprise bfp soon:) And that the house and job go through too!

Anonymous said...

Mandie, I'm sooooo excited for you!! A house is exciting, and trying for #2...woo hoo!!! Looking forward to your BFP announcement!! :)

Erinn said...

Big exciting plans!!! Good luck to you!!!