Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Friday!

I love Fridays. It is also my friend Carrie's Birthday (Happy Birthday Carrie!!). I simply love Fridays because it is almost the weekend! And weekends are fabulous because I get a small break from mama-land.

Speaking of a break, I miss working. I am so ready to go back part-time. Nathan has started to drink some water from a cup so I think that this will allow me to go back to work for a day or two. Although I am pretty scared to leave him with Daddy. Don't get me wrong, Brandon is an amazing father, Nathan just prefers mama rocking him to sleep and I really don't know how he will handle getting breastmilk from a cup rather than the tap. So anyway, I took a big step and emailed Dr. B (our infertility doc) and asked if he had any weekend positions open. AHHHH!!!! I am waiting on a response. Hopefully I get good news. Although a small part hopes that he doesn't have anything open right now because I am going to miss Nathan something fierce! :)

Speaking of infertility, it sucks. Just plain stinking suckity-suck-sucks. Several friends are going through it right now and my heart breaks for them. K is starting an IVF cycle soon. K, I have every part of my body crossed for you! H is still struggling and trying to have faith. Big Hugs H! Like all infertility sufferers, I wish I could say to Brandon "Let's have another baby!" And then we could go make one! Nope, our process involves so much more than that and it makes me sad. I would love to have my babies two years apart but that isn't possible for us. We have to pay off our first loan before we can pay for another cycle. It is going to be a long four years! And even still, I am not sure that will will even do another IVF cycle because, what if it doesn't work on the first try like last time. The fear is overwhelming at times.

Moving onto lighter news...We think that Nathan is saying his first word and wouldn't you know its DaDa. Forget the person who carried you around for nine months, birthed you after 14 hours of labor and three and a half hours of pushing, nurses you for hours and hours upon end, and spends her nights and days seeing to your every need and want. HA! In all seriousness, it is seriously cute!! We are sure that he has no idea what he is saying or that it even means anything but it is just too freaking cute!

So that is all. Mama must go, Nathan is over the frog toy.


luvourkaylee said...

WOOHOO LiL Nathan! The talking is just the cutiest! I'm with ya on the infertility and missing work! Hope they have an opening, I know you would be wonderful at the job! Miss ya!

HeatherAZ said...

Thanks, sweetie :) I'm hanging in there...approaching the 3 year mark is making things really hard lately. Ugh. You're righ, infertility sucks.

I hope things work out job-wise like you want them too :)

Kathleen Bass said...

Thanks so much, Mandie! I hope we BOTH get good news from our REs soon! Thank yous o much for the prayers, thoughts, and crossed body parts! :) HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mandie, I wish I could say something to comfort. I am praying so hard for all you girls to get your miracles soon...

I hear ya too on missing work, I do to. I hope they have some part time stuff for you, that would be nice:)

Natosha said...

YES! Infertility sucks! I am with all you girls. 28 month is way to long to try to conceive a baby!

Good luck to your friends.


Beth said...

Hey Mandie- Just thought I'd say hi. Can't believe how big Nathan is getting! But I also wanted to tell you... and I bet you agree.... I DO believe in miracles. I sure hope you can have another miracle a baby in the near future. Infertility sucks for sure! It can even control our family spacing completely... but no matter the spacing... there is always something special about the sibling bond. Oh- and also...the going back to work... not sure you'd ever be up for it... but I went back to work with Hailey at night. I was a contract nurse... so I could totally choose my hours and days... I could start work at 7pm or 11pm. Loved starting at 11pm... I got to get Hailey to sleep first! I pumped like crazy at work... I always had time on night shift. And I spaced my night shifts and only worked part time. I LOVED being back at work and grown up interaction... I was tired! But it was so worth it. Hailey slept great for her Daddy at night... It really worked for us. It was very difficult going back. But very worth it. I truly hope you find a job and hours that work just right for you and your family. Okay- now that I've written a total noval (sorry!) I'll let you go. But take care... thinking of you!