Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday's thoughts...

And now its time for another installment of Tuesday's thoughts!

Today is the one year anniversary of Nathan's conception. One year ago today, we had my eggs retrieved. One year ago today, Nathan's life began in a petri dish! Above is a picture of the two embryos that made it to transfer day. One of those is Nathan Cole. That will never cease to amaze me.

Speaking of IVF....Nathan and I went to see the doctor that performed our miracle this past week. It was so nice to take Nathan in to see the staff. Dr. B was so happy to see him. We took a lovely picture, but I won't post it because I don't have his permission.

Speaking of Dr. B....After much thought and consideration, I have decided not to return to work as an OB nurse. I know it sounds crazy, but my heart just isn't in it any longer. While I think that OB is great, I really want to switch gears and help people who are trying to get pregnant. I want to be an IVF nurse! :) I mentioned this to Dr. B and he said to call him when I am ready to return to work!

Speaking of work....I am thinking of going back to work when Nathan is around 6-7 months. That way, Nathan never has to learn how to take a bottle, he can just use a sippy cup!

I know this is a short message compared to last week. But my darling hubby just arrived home.


Kathleen Bass said...

Mandie, This picture and post give me sooooooooo much hope!! THANK YOU for sharing! :)
And I wish you could be MY IVF nurse! Any thoughts on moving to Orlando...just for my cycle in January!? :)

Heather said...

An IVF nurse!! I love it!! What an amazing job that would be....so perfect for you, I think!

Happy Conception day to you, Brandon and Nathan!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing that pic again Mandie..such a miracle! I think you will make a great ivf nurse! I wish I could get into the ob field somehow..:)