Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Letter to my nine month old boy...

Dear Nathan,

February has arrived and today you are nine months old. You have grown and changed so much. You are becoming such a little person and you have your own delightful personality.

You currently weigh around 23 pounds, so you are still mama's big boy! In the past month you have done some great new things! You are now moving foward on your belly. You can get across the room in no time flat. You will push up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth. You will be crawling soon. You can now move from the crawling position to the sitting position and vice versa, all on your own. Becoming more mobile means that you are so independent now. Mama can leave you playing on the floor for longer periods of time. You are constantly babbling although you still haven't said "Mama"! That's ok though, saying "dada" is just as cute. You are eating more and more foods now, although you still hate veggies. You love fruits though! You have some oatmeal every evening and you seem to enjoy it. You still love to nurse. Because you are more mobile you can climb your way into my lap and pull at my shirt. It is so cute! You know what you want! Nursing you is the highlight of my day. I love looking at your sweet face and staring into your eyes. Such love and trust in them. Your personality is so laid back. You hardly ever cry. You are so content with hanging out with mama and daddy. You are one cool baby!

There are only three months left until you turn one. I can't believe how quickly time passes. I watched video of you today from when you were born and your first few months. You were so tiny and sweet. You have grown so much and I feel like you change every day. Because of this though, I wake up looking forward to spending each day with you. You make me so happy, sweet boy.

I love you from here to heaven,

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luvourkaylee said...

Mandie I just love reading your letter to your sweet boy! I can't believe his is 9mons already....WOW!
Happy NINE months Nathan!