Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time is slowing winding down

My road to CNM is almost complete.  Very soon, I will take finals and graduate.  Then take boards to finally become what I have been waiting for for so long.  I cannot even put into words what this feels like.  The words simply won't come.   I've come such a long way.  From the midwives guiding my hands as I did my first to now, when I feel completely comfortable handling deliveries on my own.  My hands have caught many babies.  My heart has been touched beyond belief.  I've seen grief and triumph.  I've seen sadness and tears of joy.  I've hugged mothers who have lost their babies and hugged fathers as they have cried on my shoulders with tears of joy.  I have learned that birth is fluid and ever-changing. One way of birth is not fit for everyone.  Babies come into this world the way that they are meant to and I am merely a witness to the amazing ability of women and families as they welcome new members to their families.  I've been humbled.  I've cried.  I've laughed.  I've internally panicked with an outward exterior calm.  My transition is slowly growing from Labor and Delivery RN to CNM.  My road is coming to a close with school.  My life is changing.  I'm so ready. 

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