Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Update on my life

It is always this blog (and don't even get me started on scrapbooking) that takes a backseat to life and kids and school and work.  But as I use this blog as a diary of sorts, I really do try to update it when important things happen.

So, life is still insane.  I am currently 331 days away from completing my CNM program!  Not that I am counting or anything...

This summer semester is killing me.  Clinical hours have doubled, class workload has doubled, and my time has been halved.  I continue to do well, but I'm not going to lie and say that it isn't hard.  I cannot wait to be done.  Just the stress of deadlines and exams is sometimes just too much.  I'm trying to really reign in my anxiety, but sometimes it is hard.  Having twin three year olds is not for the faint of heart.  They try my patience to the limit some days. 

Running has really taken a backseat.  I try to get out at least once a week, but it is so hard to force myself to get out there when I am just so tired and just want to relax for 5 minutes peace.  But I'm still going, so that's what counts.  I have two half-marathons on the books for this fall.  I'm looking forward to that!  For now, I'm just trying to maintain my current endurance level.  A couple miles here and there do make a difference.  My weight has roughly stayed the same, I will have the 5 lb fluctuations, as all women do, but mostly I'm happy with where I'm at. 

Our poor social life has also been on the back burner since about March.  Fortunately, we have some great weekends coming up.  Brandon and I are headed to Saint Louis this weekend to visit our friends and hit up a Cardinals game (I'm going to drink beer as I have no interest in baseball).  Then next weekend, we are headed to Columbus, Ohio with some friends to see my favorite band, The Postal Service.  I'm really looking forward to that!! 

The boys are doing well.  As you can see from previous posts, the twins are potty-trained! And fighting. They test even Mother Teresa's patience. It seems that someone is always hurt and always crying.  Which makes me think that three kids is plenty for us!  Although I will admit to having a bit of baby fever now and again.  Today, however, I do not and am ready for these kids to move on out of here.  Nathan is doing well, making friends around the neighborhood, and continuing the process of learning to read.  School is out for the summer and he is enjoying that.

BP is doing well, working a lot.  Busy with the kids, same old. 

My work is going ok.  Our census is very low at the moment, so I've been called off a bit too much in these past few weeks, which as lead me to find a new job.  Not that I am leaving my old one, but I need some supplemental hours to cover my sitter costs while I am at clinicals.  So I've interviewed at several bigger hospitals in Indianapolis and hope that one of those works out. 

All-in-all, I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.  My life is really hard right now.  School is just so hard.  And I'm just trying to be everything to everybody.  And I'm exhausted.  I know a year from now, when I am done and passed my boards and have found the perfect job, I will be happy that I put all this work into it.  But right now it is hard to see.  Disclaimer: This year STILL does not even come close to the insanely horrible year after the babies were born.  While I adore them and they are the cutest, THAT was still the hardest year ever and I made it through!  Sometimes it is the little things...

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