Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Every year, I make New Year's resolutions and examine how well I did with the previous year's. 

2012 resolutions:

1. Kick ass in school!! Classes start in 2 days! I'm nervous and excited. More nervous. I just want to do well.  While it has been a tough and crazy year, I have done really well so far.  I'm maintaining as close to a 4.0 grade point average as I can get (damn you, A-). 

2. Maintain my weight loss and fitness level. I've done pretty well.  I fluctuate between 5lbs of where I was when I wrote this resolution.  My fitness level is pretty much the same.  I'm still running and enjoying it.

3. Complete another 5K with a better time. I actually went above and beyond this goal!  I completed my first half marathon this year!  I worked so hard to train and it paid off.  My time per mile was better in my half marathon than both of my 5Ks. 

4. Go on date-nights with Brandon at least once a month! This is so important for our sanity. We did amazing with this!  Thankfully we have willing sitters, because we went somewhere and did something nearly every month.  In April we went to Chicago.  In May, we had a date night in Louisville.  In July, we went to Las Vegas by ourselves!  It was an amazing trip.  In August, we went to a friend's wedding in Chicago.  In September, we went to New Orleans with some of our friends!  That was a blast.  In October, we went back to Las Vegas for my friend Carrie's 30th birthday!!  In November, we went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for Brandon's 30th birthday.  We stayed in an amazing cabin in the mountains.  Went zip-lining and just enjoyed each other's company. And finally, we just returned from a trip to St. Louis for New Year's with our good friends.  An amazing year of travel and fun. 

5. Be a better friend. Spend more time working on my friendships. I worked hard on that this year.  Spending more time with our close friends, developing new friends at work, and just being a better person in general.  It was nice.  

1. Continue to do well in school.  Keep my grades up, learn everything I possibly can, and try to make it through.

2. Continue running and lose this last 10lbs.  It seems stubbornly attached to me! I'm also going to complete a couple of races this year.  I will definitely be returning for the Monumental Half Marathon in November.  I'm also completing a relay Marathon in Carmel this April.  I'm on a team of 4 women and will be doing the 8-mile leg. 

3. Continue with travel.  Every other month or so, travel to another city and be alone with Brandon.  We already have a couple of trips planned out.  We will for sure be going back to Vegas at some point this summer.  We also have a wedding to attend in Kansas City in November. 

4. Turn 30 with grace and a hell of a party.  :) My 30th birthday is this year.  We have plans to travel somewhere and do something!  I just have to plan it. 

5. Be a good mom.  While everything seems to be so hectic, I need to remember to focus on my babies. 

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