Sunday, December 16, 2012

After a long blog sabbatical...


Words can simply not express how busy my life is right now.  I hardly even have time to spend with my babies, let alone write about our lives.  But it hit me the other day, that I need to make this more of a priority because I really do appreciate having a chronicle of the kids' and my life.  So I'll be backdating some posts about the past 7 months.

So what's up with our clan:
Me: I've been working like crazy.  I have had to leave my infusion job in favor of my labor and delivery job.  I work nearly full-time.  I really, really enjoy this work.  I'm still teaching childbirth education to parents monthly.  I've been maintaining my weight loss pretty well.  I've kept up on my running and keeping my exercise program new by adding in some strength training.  School is insane. INSANE.  I have finished one year of my program though!  One year down, one and a half to go.  Starting in January, I will begin my clinical fellowship at a very large hospital in Cincinnati.  I was extremely lucky to get that position as they only accept one student midwife.  So overall, I'm just trying to keep my head above water.

Brandon: Is busy with work.  A promotion and more responsibility mean more time spent at work.  We also have done some serious redecorating of our house and he has been busy at home.  

Nathan: Is amazing.  Kindergarten has been treating him so well.  He is doing amazing at school.  He is learning so much every day.  Sight words and sound structures are teaching him the foundation of reading.  He is making friends at school which is so exciting.  I recently had his yearly evaluation and he is in the direct middle of the class academically.  They are actually refusing to retest him because they don't think that he will score on the autism spectrum anymore.  I'm ok with that, because I think he needs to continue his speech therapy for the social connection skills.

Gavin: Is growing bigger every day.  His vocabulary is so far advanced.  He really is into sports and I plan to start him in soccer this spring.  Both boys are not potty trained yet.  We made an attempt a little while ago, but both were just not ready.  We are going to make another attempt after the holidays.

Kai: His speech has exploded.  Speech therapy has helped him so much, I am just amazed at how far he has come.  He is so sweet and loves to cuddle.  Both boys are now sleeping in their own beds (all the boys share a room) and are out of mom and dad's bedroom which is such a huge change for us!!

Lucy: Has gone through some sickness and we really don't even know why.  She wasn't able to keep food down for nearly a month and has lost a considerable amount of weight.  She seems to be on the mend now, so we are trying to pack some weight back on her.  She likes that part!

All in all, we are busy and overwhelmed.  The kids are looking forward to Christmas and I am looking forward to May of 2014 when I can be done with school stress.  But in light of recent events in Connecticut, I'm just so thankful to have my three babies health and happy and rolling around on the floor at my feet as I type this. 

Posts to come: Christmas 2012
                        New Year's celebrations and resolutions
                        Starting my clinical fellowship

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