Friday, February 17, 2012

February update

I have been so busy it has been insane. I can't even begin to relate how little free time I have right now.

School is going good. I'm taking two very difficult classes right now. Advanced pathophysiology and biostatistics. So far, I'm doing really well. My classes are broken up into 8 week sections right now so it is A LOT of information to learn in 8 weeks. My pathophysiology class covers the entire book (the WHOLE thing) in that 8 weeks. So, I have to study a lot. But my grades are pretty awesome right now. I'm maintaining As and I'm really proud of how I'm doing.

Work is also going good. My Labor and Delivery job is amazing. I really enjoy going and I love the people I work with. I learn a lot while I'm there and have got some great experience for my future. I have been working a lot (almost full-time status) so I'm dropping my hours back a little bit in the next schedule. My infusion job is still going good. I'm dropping back those hours too, just so I can spend more time with Brandon. We hardly see each other anymore between work and my studying. So I'm looking forward to March when my schedule changes.

My running has slowed down a lot. Mainly because I just don't have time and it is so cold! Although I have been getting to the gym about twice a week to run on the treadmill. So that is something I guess. I'll appreicate the warmer weather this spring to be outside running again.

The kids are doing wonderful. Nathan is kicking butt in school and learning a lot. He has a field trip to the fire station next week. He is really looking forward to it! Gavin is talking up a storm and has got to be some sort of child genius or something (I'm kidding, but seriously, he is pretty smart). Kai-bear is doing well too. He had his consult with First Steps and qualifies for speech services. We are so thankful because he will be seeing Nathan's speech therapists! We missed seeing them, so it will be nice to have them back in our lives. First Steps doesn't actually think that Kai has the same issues that Nathan has. Kai's issues are more related to the fact that he couldn't hear for so long (read back about Kai's tubes in his ears) and he has low muscle tone in his core muscles which is effecting his diaphragm and speech pattern.

Brandon is doing good (I assume, because I never see him). We have a date weekend coming up in April. We are going to Chicago for the weekend to get away and to visit some friends. I am counting down the days because I kinda miss being his wife.

So I think that is everything. My poor neglected blog. I so wish that I had the time to devote to it again (don't even get me started on my poor neglected scrapbooks).

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