Monday, November 14, 2011

Letters to my boys...

Dear Nathan,

Hello sweetheart! You are 4 and a half years old today! So much has changed since your last letter. You are doing and saying so many things it is hard to keep up!

The new school year has brought about so much change in you. You seem so much more mature and can stay calm about more things now. It is easy to take you someplace because your behavior has improved 100%. You have learned so much with school. You are writing your name perfectly and beginning to learn how to recognize words. Reading will be right around the corner. I can't wait for that. I'm excited for you to learn. Something new this year is the bus! You love riding the bus. I honestly think it is highlight of your day. You wait patiently with your backpack and hat on while standing at the door. The bus pulls up and you say "Mom! The bus is here. Bye!" And you trot right on out there. It always tugs at my heart a little bit. You are looking so grown-up. Miss Diane says that you are doing very well with school. Your speech has improved greatly and it is hard to tell that you ever had a speech delay at all.

You are 43 inches tall and 38.2 pounds. You seem to grow overnight. You are still loving your "upstairs" bed. You sleep really well and wake up in a good mood every morning. I'll be wishing for these days in the teenage years. You are still a very picky eater. You would rather go hungry than eat something you don't like. Although we have had success with "just take one bite!". You know what you like and you don't like to stray from that.

Gavin and Kai are quickly becoming your best buddies. You all play well together (most of the time) and you are teaching them all sorts of stuff. Like how to eat an Oreo cookie, for example. I'm so happy that you three have each other. It warms my heart to see you play together. You love playing outside! Halloween was a blast this year. You went as Buzz Lightyear and thought it was the greatest thing ever.

You are growing and changing and on your way to 5. Time just flies by and soon you will be in Kindergarten. I love you so much Nathan Cole.




Dear Gavin,

November is here and you are 22 months old! Only 2 months left until your second birthday!

I'm convinced that you are very advanced for your age related to speech and knowledge. You talk all day long and can talk about anything. It surprises us what you know and how much you are paying attention. A new phrase is "I don't want it" or "I don't like it." You even are starting to recognize some colors and shapes. You are just learning so quickly! You love Dora the Explorer and will ask (or demand) to watch it in the morning. You are sleeping well, although you had an ear infection last month. Thankfully we just completed some antibiotics and you seem to be much better. A new thing for you is football! You are so interested in it and love to watch it on TV. It cracks us up when you ask to watch it. Now, if only the Colts weren't doing so poorly this year...but that's another topic for another day. Halloween was very fun this year. I was so surprised that you did so well! You marched up to each house and held out your bucket. It was a great time! You really enjoyed it. You went as Thing 1 and Kai went as Thing 2. We got so many compliments on your costumes. You both looked adorable.

I love you so much Gavy!




Dear Kai,

Hello sweetie! You are 22 months old. November has arrived and the colder weather is coming. Thankfully we have had a nice fall so we have been able to get outside alot.

You are doing better with speaking this month! Still a little behind, but overall, you have improved. I will still be making a call to get you evaluated after the holidays, but we are working with you now too. You and Gavin were sick this past month, so we just completed a round of antibiotics. Your tubes in your ears are working well, because Gavin had an ear infection and you didn't. I'm so glad we did that. You are sleeping much better since completing the antibiotics. Halloween was really fun this year. You amazed me with how well you did. You pulled me up to each house and stuck out your bucket for candy. You thought it was so fun! You went as Thing 2 and Gavin was Thing 1. We got so many comments on your costumes because you looked so cute!! We have discovered a new food that you like. You ate almost all of Daddy's tomato yesterday. It was so funny! You just kept asking for more.

Only 2 months left until your second birthday! And Thanksgiving is coming. I'm excited for this time of year. I love you Kai-bear.



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