Monday, October 24, 2011

Update on our parent teacher conference

It went really, really well!

Nathan's teacher and speech therapist were there. They are both so sweet and it is obvious that they really care for him. His teacher told us that Nathan was doing much better in class. He has some friends that he plays with and is overall doing very well. They are impressed with his writing and how far his speech has come.

His teacher and speech therapist both agree that they don't think that Nathan fits very well under the Mild Autism label either. However at this point, we aren't sure what else to call it because Mild Autism covers a lot of Nathan's issues. However, some of the main markers for Mild Autism are missing (lack of social skills, eye contact, affection, etc) in Nathan.

So the plan is this:

Right now, Nathan is on track 100% to go to Kindergarten next year (yay!). He meets all the required milestones at this point. His teacher actually thinks that Nathan will thrive in Kindergarten because they have a more defined schedule (something that Nathan really likes). So we are going to keep the Mild Autism label for the remainder of this year to allow Nathan to get speech therapy in class. We are going to have him reevaluated after a couple of months in Kindergarten to make sure that he is fully caught up to his peers. If at that time, he is caught up and doing well in the Kindergarten setting, they will remove the label and Nathan will just be a regular kiddo going to Kindergarten. If he isn't doing well in class, we will reevaluate and attempt to get another diagnosis label so that speech therapy can be given.

All in all, I'm happy with the where things are at. He is going well in class. The teachers are communicating well with me about his progress. He is on track to go to Kindergarten next year. And he has shown remarkable progress. He is such an awesome and amazing kid.


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EssKress said...

That is SO great!! I love it when you're all prepared to argue the heck out of something and your "adversary" (or so it seems) actually ends up agreeing with you, with no arguing at all. I'm sure it is a relief to you for everyone to be on the same page.

Rajean B. said...

I'm so happy for you to have a supportive team working with you, and that they have Nathan's best interest in mind.