Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Letters to my sons

Dear Gavin,

You are 21 months old! 2 is getting closer by the day!

Halloween is right around the corner. We are trying to figure out what you should be for Halloween. I was thinking a ladybug, because you love a certain ladybug in one of our books that we read. You scream out "bug!!!" whenever we turn the page. It is adorable. Not much has changed since last month. You are learning more words and phrases by the day. Your newest phrase is "I fall down". Then you demand for me to kiss your "boo-boo". It is cute. We are getting ready to take our fall family pictures. I hope it goes well. You and Kai don't seem to like picture taking so much right now! You are still my adventurous eater. Today you had cheese ravioli and shrimp scampi! You love pretty much everything and will follow me around saying "bite!" over and over. Even while your mouth is full of food. Cracks us up. All is well with you sweet boy. I love you.



Dear Kai,

21 months! I can't believe it! October is here and our family pictures are coming up. Hopefully you boys cooperate.

You are slowly saying more things. I got the words "love you" out of you last night. It was so sweet. You are my little sweetie lately. Always giving hugs and kisses and cuddles. Today for nap, you cuddled right up to me and fell asleep. It was so nice. I think you have just been missing me because I've been away a lot for work. You've made the adjustment nicely, but I can tell you are glad to see me when I get home. You are always waiting by the door and jumping up and down when I come in the door. I immediately pick you up and you grab onto my neck so tight! It warms my heart. You have such a kind and sweet spirit Kai. I wonder all the time what you will be when you grow up. I just want you to be as happy as you are now, no matter what you are doing. Nothing makes my day like a Kai-bear smile.



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