Monday, September 12, 2011

Letters to my sons

Dear Gavin,

September is here! You are 20 months old today!

Not much has changed since my letter to you last month. You are saying more and more words every day and starting to string small sentences together. "I do it" and "I found it" are common phrases heard around here. Life has been incredibly busy now that I am back to work. You have made the adjustment beautifully though. I really miss you during the day but it is so nice to come home to your smiling face. I'm only working a couple of days a week but it still seems like forever. You are beginning to use forks and spoons better now. You seem to be getting the hang of that. You really love going shopping with me. I put you in the cart and you say "hi" to everyone that passes you. Such a sweet boy! Sleep is still going well and you continue to take one nap a day. You eat pretty much anything that we give you. A recent favorite of yours is pulled pork. You really love it!

Getting so big, sweet boy! Just 4 months left until you are two!! I can't believe it. I love you so much!




Dear Kai,

Fall is nearly here and you are 20 months old today!

Life hasn't really changed much since our last letter to you. You are still slow to talk, although you've started to use more signs. I'm thinking that we will probably have you evaluated for speech soon. I have a feeling that you will take after your big brother Nathan and be a slow talker. That's ok though sweet boy! You are still Mama's cuddlebug. I've been worried about how you would adjust to the changes after I went back to work, but so far you have done wonderfully! You really like the sitter and we've had no problems. Thankfully I only work a couple of days a week now. I sure do miss you when I'm gone. Speaking of your big brother, I think you are going to take after his picky eating too. You don't really like trying new foods and tend to stick with your favorites. We are slowly working on it, but I have a feeling that you may have some sensory issues like Nathan too. Hopefully we can address those when we get you evaluated for speech. But I'll love you no matter what, Kai-bear.

I can't believe you are 4 months away from being two! Time has just flown by! Soon it will be time for our fall family pictures.

Love you,


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