Saturday, June 4, 2011

My 2nd 5K race!

I had a great race this morning! It was just starting to get hot, so I was a little slow, but much faster than last time! Brandon had the kids so I didn't have pictures of the start. It started at 8am this morning. This race was really small. Maybe 100 people? But it was fun and well-organized. Although towards the end, I was all alone and I was kinda confused on where to go. And around 1.5 miles, there was another monster hill, but it was ok. I really do have issues running in this heat though. And I've started to have some leg pain on the days of my runs. I'm wondering if I am pushing it too hard. I may scale back my half-marathon training and just try to maintain my current mileage for awhile.
Coming toward the finish!! I see my babies! Brandon brought them to watch me race. Best hubby ever.
Finish line! Look at that time! Almost a whole three minutes better than last time!
Me and my boys. Brandon said they were so good while waiting for me! It was the best feeling ever to see them all waiting for me and clapping.
109 this time!

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villemezbrown said...

Congratulations on your second 5K! Have you checked your shoes recently? Shoes that worked great before can start causing pain really fast if they get just a little too worn.