Saturday, May 21, 2011

My first race!

Look at me, I'm an official runner! We got to the race early so that I could get an idea of the course and get my race packet. I got the shoe chip all tied down to my shoe. And took a picture (of pretty much everything).
My race number! I felt like a real runner!
Before the race. Ready and nervous.
I was in a goofball kind of mood this morning. Thanks to Brandon for putting up with my silliness and taking all the pictures!
See this? Yeah, this is the hill at the end of the race. You can kinda see it, but the trail zigzags back and forth up this hill. This started at the 3 mile mark, so a whole 10th of a mile! Yeah, this pretty much ruined my time. I'm not sure of my finish time yet, I'm thinking a little over 40 minutes. But this hill was awful. AND...probably 1/4 of a mile was on pea gravel. That is A LOT harder than I expected. Like running on sand.
And we are off! I was pretty wired at the start because it started 15 minutes late. That was annoying.
I was so excited! It was a family event, so there were lots of kids (fast little things).
This is around the 1/2 mile mark. I was feeling pretty good at this point! After about 2 miles and the long ass stretch of pea gravel, I was having a tough time. Mentally, I was tired and hot (76 degrees and sunny) and my legs were hurting. But I kept it up!
3 miles in! Getting ready to start the dreaded hill. This hill was such a mind-game for me. I worried about it the whole race. Next time, I will be looking for a flatter course (even though the race information said it was flat!)
Coming around the last zigzag. I was looking at Brandon and just kept thinking "I can do it. Almost there. He is right there."
Coming towards the finish!! I was so ready to be done! I was cursing this hill.
DONE! I was so tired and so relieved. I went over to Brandon and just sobbed. It was so hard and so tiring. But so worth it. 10 weeks worth of training.
Number 107 is done! My legs were shaking at this point.
I'm a 5K runner now. I came, I did, I got the T-shirt. All in all, I loved the whole experience. I'm already planning my next run because I want to go faster (without hills). I loved the excitement and build-up. I loved running with people and pushing myself. My time isn't published yet, so I will update that when it is. I'm guessing about 40:10. I wanted to finish under 40 and I would have if not for the gravel and that hill. BUT, I did it. I'm proud and ready to get back out there!! Thanks for all the support along the way. It means a lot to me.


Amanda & Joel said...

Wow Mandie, you are beaming in these photos! And rightfully so! :) Way to go!!!

Me said...

Great race! Even though you said you were struggling on the hill you look like you strong and having a great time. Awesome job and on to the next race!

norajane said...

You are my hero. That is all.

villemezbrown said...

You are awesome! So inspiring, I almost think I could train to run a 5K. Well, no not really, but I am extremely impressed that you did it. Congratulations!

Syd said...

So proud of you! Thank you for being an inspiration to me as well dear! Maybe some day we can find a race between our homes & run together!