Thursday, May 12, 2011

Letters to my three boys

Dear Nathan,

Four years ago today I was holding you for the first time! It was so nice to finally see your face after all those months. I can't believe that these four years have gone by so quickly! You've changed so much since your last letter at 3 and 1/2.

School continues to be the best thing ever. You love going! You are learning so much that it is hard to keep up with you sometimes. You now know all the letters of the alphabet (both upper and lowercase). You can sing the alphabet song and you are even starting to write! You can write your name and "mom". You are also learning how to draw things. You love art class at school. You bring home all sorts of paintings and pictures! They go straight to the refridgerator, so we are running out of room up there. You made me the sweetest Mother's Day card. Knowing the alphabet has really opened up your love of books. You love for us to read to you every night. We always have to read "just one more". I hope this love of reading and books continues throughout your life.

You've turned into such a big boy! You are 37lbs and 42 inches tall. You are going to be taller than Mama before we know it! You are now sleeping all on your own too! We got bunk beds for your room and you sleep on the top. You call it your "upstairs bed". You have also become quite the conversationalist. Your speech improves by the day and your vocabulary just keeps growing. You are able to recount your day to me when you get home from school. You always ask about my day too. And you are very interested in how Gavin and Kai's days went. You are a good big brother. You are constantly playing with them and trying to keep them out of trouble. You are big enough to carry them around, so you are constantly pulling them off the couch and fireplace. You even try to put them in "timeout". You are starting to dress yourself and you have opinions on what you want to wear. You like to be comfortable! You hate polo shirts and you aren't a fan of jeans. The minute you get home from school, you change into pajamas. It is really cute.

Four years has come and gone. We had your party tonight. Our friends and family came out to celebrate with you and you had a blast. You got a bike for your birthday! You can't quite figure out the pedals yet, but I think it is just a matter of time. I love you so much Nathan Cole. Happy birthday!




Dear Gavin,

You are 16 months old today! The weather has been beautiful lately, so it has been so nice for us to get outside! You love playing with the cars and basketball hoop out there!

A lot has changed this month! The biggest change has been your nap routine. I used to hold both you and Kai in my arms for your nap. It was a long two hours for me to sit in the recliner and rock you. I decided to move you to the bed this past month and so far, you are doing great! It is so much easier to get you to sleep and you seem to get better rest that way. Because we aren't sitting in the chair for naps, I have dropped that nursing session. You are down to twice a day now. I'm going to give this routine about a month or so and then we will drop more. In other news, you are our climbing boy! I lose count of the number of times I have to get you off the table. You will climb on anything. I think you like the challenge. You always look so proud of yourself when you get where you were going. You are starting to communicate more to us. You point out things and tell us when you are hungry by pointing to your mouth. You are also starting to do the hand motions to the "Isty Bitsy Spider". It is so sweet! You have been teething and have more teeth than I can count. You are changing so much!

I love you so much Gavin. Your personality makes me smile and you light up my day.




Dear Kai,

May is here and you are 16 months old now! Now that the weather is nice, we have been spending a lot of time outside. You love playing in the dirt and with the rocks. Typical boy!

A lot has changed this month. Mostly your sleep! Naptime has become a lot easier around here. I've recently started to put you and Gavin to sleep in the bed instead of holding you in the recliner. It has been working wonderfully and I know that you get a lot better sleep! You are also sleeping a bit more at night too! You still wake up a couple of times, but it is so much easier to get you back to sleep. Because we aren't doing nap in the chair anymore, we have dropped another nursing session. You are down to twice a day now. Within the next month or so, we will drop another. You are taking the transition beautifully! You still get a bottle of whole milk, so it really is no big deal to you. In other news, this month you had an ECHO done on your heart. Our doctor kept hearing a murmur and we wanted to get it checked out. Thankfully you did great and the murmur is nothing to be concerned about. You are finally done with teething for awhile! You've got a lot of teeth in there now! Such a toddler.

I love you so much Kai. You have the world's best laugh and you are so sweet.



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