Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Broke the 161 mark!

Finally. I've been stuck there for weeks! I was beginning the think that my scale was going on strike. But, I was 160.8 this morning. Soooooo close to the 150s!

In related news, I start week 9 of the Couch to 5K today! I have kept up with something for 9 weeks! My run today will be 3 miles. 3 long-ass miles. A 5K is equivalent to 3.1 miles (I may just push it to 3.1 so that I can say I ran a 5K today). I'm going to do this!!! I got new music on my iPhone for inspiration. I'll report back later!

And I see from my stats that lots of people are searching for "Couch to 5K blog" and ending up here. If you are reading this message, know that you can absolutely effing (I would drop the f-bomb here, but I don't want to scare my blogreaders, instead I will use effing) do this. It sucks ass in the beginning. And I know people say this all the time but....if I can do this, you can. I never (never-in-a-million-effing-years) thought that I could be a runner. And I am gearing up to run 3 miles today. Seriously. Get your ass out there and rock it.


CLeigh said...

Great post! I'm so happy for you! Can you tell me what you do as far as your diet? It seems like you are staying VERY active, but what have you done diet-wise? Thanks!

Mandie said...

CLeigh- Right now I am all about portion control and calorie counting. I don't have a specific diet that I am following. I am counting calories using a free site called www.myfitnesspal.com. You input your data and how much you want to lose and the site calculates how many calories you need to take in. The site also has a mobile app so that you can keep track away from home too. Super easy.

CLeigh said...


Thanks so much!

Lilly said...

so proud of you Mandie.. You are definitely my inspiration for after this baby!!! <3 Keep it up!