Thursday, April 7, 2011

Busy busy!

With weight loss and the kids and the house and applying for jobs and.... I'm spread thin these days.

As of this morning I weigh 163.6 pounds. 4 lbs lost total! "Weigh-in" for the Biggest Loser is tomorrow and I'm excited! Today is a running day so I'm ready to get out there in the sun.

Job-hunting is going sucky. There, I said it. It is proving impossible to get a job. Wanna know why? Well, this is what happens when all your experience is in one area (maternity care) and you want to go into another area (anything but maternity care). AND this is what happens when you haven't worked since 2009. So, every job out there wants experience in their area and every job out there looks at my employment history and thinks that I have just been sitting on my ass for the past two years. *sigh* So, I'm kinda stuck right now. And it sucks.

In other news, Brandon and I have a big date night coming up! We are going to Chicago on the 23rd to visit some friends and have a night out on the town! I am so excited to get out with him and focus on us for a night.

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Stacy said...

Wahoo for date nights! I am sure will find the perfect job, hang in there : ) Great job with the weight loss! I have lost about 7 pounds thanks to GLUMETZA 1500 mg, but I guess I will take it!