Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kai and his ears

Kai has his fourth ear infection in two months. :( I've never had to deal with this before because Nathan never had any problems. I took Kai to the doctor on Tuesday to get another round of antibiotics. The doctor wants us to see an ENT specialist because he thinks that Kai's anatomy doesn't allow his ears to drain appropriately. So we have an appointment next week with the best ear guy in the city to see about Kai getting tubes in his ears. My spidey (mama) sense is telling me that something is definitely wrong and I hate seeing my little boy in pain. I'll update after the appointment next week.

In related Kai-bear news they heard a heart murmur at his last two appointments. When we go back for a well-child visit, they are going to check to see if it is still there. If so, we'll be getting an ECHO of his heart.


Andrea said...

Poor baby!! I hope they figure something out so he's not in pain.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kai is getting ear infections. :-(

On the plus side I have a friend whose little boy had to get tubes in his ears. She was really nervous and dubious about it, but she said the difference was like night and day - the tubes made such a big improvement immediately. She was really happy after getting it done.


Jamie said...

Poor little guy. I'd highly recommend a chiropractor. It can be a huge help for ear issues.

Rajean B. said...

Sending positive thoughts your way that all is well with Kai. I'm sure that must be stressful for you.

Stacie L. said...

My little guy had one ear infection after another for about 6 months. I took him to see a chiropractor and she worked wonders. In addition to doing adjustments on his ears, she had us start him on daily probiotics and fish oil.