Monday, January 10, 2011

In just two days time...

My babies will be 1. So many posts will happen around that time and I want to focus on them on their birthday.

But this post? This post is all about me.

I did it.

I've been nursing these babies for one year. I made it to my goal.

Take a look at this post. I wrote it at almost 2 months in.

In that post, I committed myself to one year of nursing and I did it.

I made it through the every hour feedings. The biting. The mastitis. Twice. The thrush. Twice. The D-MER for every tandem feeding. Day after day. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done. In the early months, I honestly did NOT know if I would make it through. Almost 8 hours of my day was spent nursing back then. Eight hours. Every day. That is a full-time (more than full-time) job. But I did it. I didn't give up. I gave my boys the very best for a year. I put my children before myself. I don't care if this post comes across as self-centered and narcissistic. I am so damn proud of myself right now. So damn proud.

I did it. And I continue to do it.

I will be starting the weaning process now. It will take several months I'm sure, because I can't just quit cold-turkey. I have to drop one feeding (they have six feedings a day now) a time. I don't feel guilty for starting to wean. I made it to my goal.

I feel amazing. I feel like superMOM.


April said...

A BIG OL CONGRATS! Wonderful job! :)

Christina said...

YAY you did it!

Jamie said...

You are a supermom. You're amazing. You are AWEsome.

Anonymous said...

And you should feel that way! Congratulations! Great job!

Holly Burkhardt said...

So freaking proud of you! You did do it and you should be proud. Brag away and don't stop! Most ppl don't make it to 1 year with ONE baby. You did it with two.. You truly are supermom!