Thursday, December 16, 2010

Letters to my sons

Dear Gavin,

You are 11 months old now! Only one month left before your very first birthday! It is so hard to believe that this time is here already. This time last year, my belly was huge and we were anxiously awaiting for you and Kai's arrival!

Your first Christmas is coming up! I'm so excited for you to experience this. We got lots of toys for you. You really love to look at the tree. Surprisingly, you don't bother it at all. You just like to get close to it and look at the pretty lights. It is sweet to watch. You are walking more and more now. It seems like every day I see you crawling less. Although if you have somewhere you need to get to in a hurry, you will crawl. Walking takes a little more coordination and effort. You like to push Nathan on the fire truck walker. You push him up and down the hall. It is so cute! Your sleeping is still pretty awful. We are hoping to transition you to your own bed soon. You wake up several times a night. You are still going strong with nursing! You nurse about every 4 hours. And you aren't patient at all. You stand at my nursing place and scream at me if I am nursing your brother. You get so mad! You are eating more and more now though. You pretty much eat whatever we are having and rarely get baby food anymore. You loved Thanksgiving because you got to eat all sorts of good stuff! You even had some pumpkin pie. :) You'll get more for Christmas.

11 months down and 1 to go! I love you so much sweet Gav.




Dear Kai,

You are 11 months old! Time has flown by it seems. Only one month left until your first birthday! I was looking through pictures and it amazed me that this time last year my belly was huge! We were waiting for you and Gavin to make your appearance and I looked as big as a house!

Your first Christmas is coming up! I love this time of year and I love seeing it through your eyes. You love the Christmas tree. You don't mess with it at all, but you just love looking at it. It is really sweet. You are walking so much now! Your crawling days are nearing the end, although if you need to get somewhere fast, you will crawl. You have a really cute way of walking. You take tiny little butterfly steps. You can stand up in the middle of the room now. You are getting so strong! You are still my little baby though. You don't sleep through the night yet. In fact, you are up every couple hours. We are going to transition you to your own beds soon. We need more sleep around here! You nurse every 4 hours or so. You are far more patient than your brother. You will quietly wait your turn and then as soon as I put Gavin down, you are over to me like a rocket. It is cute. Nathan will say "Kai's turn!" and you come running (well speed crawling). You eat lots of solid food too. You love pretty much everything. You eat whatever we are eating, so Thanksgiving was super fun for you! You love pie. Just like your mama! You will get some more for Christmas.

So sweet boy, only one month left until you are 1. I can't believe my tiny baby is getting to be so big! I love you now and forever, Kai-bear.



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