Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmastime pictures

Santa came to our house!
Music table for Gavin and Kai
Cookies for Santa
Lucy with the tree
Nathan and Kai-bear
One of Brandon's presents to me. I get these snow globes every year when we go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Last year, Nathan accidentally broke my 2007 globe. I was so sad because that was the last year that our Grandma went with us. Brandon was so sweet and found a replacement online!
My necklace from my sons. I love it.
Brandon got me a Nook!
Nathan's school bus from Santa
My mom and me

Kai was more interested in Mama
The chaos
Opening presents on their first Christmas
Me with my new boots from my mom!
My hubby and me. I got him this sweatshirt for Christmas.

Kai Nicholas with Uncle Nicholas
Babies' first Christmas!
Grandma and Gavin

We had a great Christmas! We still have to celebrate with Brandon's side of the family. :)

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