Thursday, November 4, 2010

Treatment for Thrush

Did you know that there are 1,000 different treatments and opinions out there for thrush? You didn't? Well now you do.

So this is the plan for me:

Water/ White vinegar rinse after every nursing

Lotramin cream after every water/ vinegar wash

Gentian Violet applied once a day for 4 days


Diflucan because it can't hurt at this point

Hot water/ baking soda treatment to all towels and nursing tanks

Pain meds around the clock to function

And prayer to the gods, goddesses, saints, and whoever else

Yeah, so I'll be busy for the next forever.

And also...I promise that there will be far more interesting posts written soon. My boob is my life right now. *sigh*


Brooke said...

:( sounds terrible!!! :(

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have a treatment plan, though it certainly sounds like an arduous one! Please give us one more "boob post" to let us know when you start to get some relief from the pain. I hope it's really soon!!