Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you... all who read my post yesterday and offered support and words of encouragement. It really warmed my heart to read.

I'm doing slightly better today. I have found some information on what adults with Asperger's Syndrome are like and it was comforting to me.

If anyone out there has any book recommendations for me, that would be wonderful! I learn better from books and tried to search yesterday, but I was overwhelmed by the number of books out there!

So for now, the plan is to just gather as much information as we can. I've written a list of questions to take to the December 1st meeting and I will ask for a referral to an autism specialist at that time.


Stacie L. said...

Hi Mandie, this is Stacie from ABAP. Aidan was formally diagnosed with Autism back in Sept. He is also very, very speech/communication delayed and has sensory delays/disorder. I can relate to your angst and I am sorry that you are also having to deal with this unknown. I havent' found any good resources that just lay out facts/outcomes/expectations. Please keep in touch. I know our board has kind of fallen apart but we could really support eachother through this. Oh, also, has Nathan been evaluated by a developmental specialist or pediatric neurologist? They are the only people that can make a definitive diagnosis.

Syd said...

Hi sweetie, I have asked some friends of mine for help. One is a teacher, one is therapist that works with autistic children & the other is a mother of a 3 year old autistic son. I pray they can send some light for you. HUGS