Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So, you're having twins...now what kind of stuff do you need?

I thought I would help out some future twin moms-to-be. You will find a bazillion sites all over the internet saying what you MUST have for having twins. A lot of stuff though, you really don't! And there is always some things that aren't on those lists that I think that you should have.

So here it goes:

1.) You NEED three or four big bed pillows for positioning babies while nursing. There are some twin nursing pillows on the market, but honestly the one that I had (Ez-2-Nurse) was so stiff and unyielding. Whenever I would use it, I would always use two or three more pillows trying to get the babies in the right position. I finally just gave up on the special pillow and used three pillows while in my rocking recliner. It made it much easier to adjust.

2.) You NEED a rocking recliner. I spend almost 50% of my day in this thing. So make sure that it is a good one! The big arms allow for more support while nursing and the rocking action puts the babies to sleep nicely.

3.) You NEED some sort of swaddle blanket. I am still swaddling the babies at almost 10 months old because it is just easier to nurse them at night. They like to hit each other while they nurse, so at least I don't have to worry about that at night!

4.) You NEED a changing table. I actually moved our changing table in the living room. Sure it looks kinda funny in here, but it beats walking to the other end of the house 80 times a day when someone needs changed.

5.) You NEED plenty of cloth diapers. Do you have any idea how much disposable diapers are? You will be paying out the ass for those for two babies. Trust me, give cloth diapering a try! See my cloth diapering posts for more info.

6.) You NEED two bouncy chairs. You have to have somewhere to sit the babies down while you attempt to pee or shower. Granted when they get mobile, they won't sit in one, but for the first few months, they come in handy.

7.) You NEED two carseats (obviously).

8.) You NEED plenty of burp cloths. I just used prefold diapers, but be sure you have a stack of them ready to go.

9.) You NEED help. Get help from anyone you can! Especially in those first few months. Don't expect to do it all alone.

10.) You NEED a sense of humor. You will look at your partner several times a day while saying, "Are you freaking kidding me?!" It is best to laugh at these moments so that you don't cry.

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Erin said...

Great post! I'm sure it will be helpful to hear from a real mom of twins instead of the crap the stores and magazines tell you to buy.