Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Potty Learning Tips

I recently posted about this on one of my parenting boards and realized that I should post it on my blog for everybody!

Nathan was out of diapers by 2 and a half.

I started by using his cloth diapers like underwear. Pulling them up and down like that. When I started he was completely non-verbal (remember I have a kid with speech delays). The only "readiness cue" he gave me was that he would hide when he pooped. When I saw that he was doing that I started sitting him on the potty for poops. Never pooped in a diaper again. To get him to pee on the potty, I used M&Ms. I took him every hour (set a timer if you need the reminder) and if he went pee he got a M&M. When he started doing good with that I took the inserts out of the diapers (cloth diapers come with inserts to change the absorbency). Then made the switch to underwear. Cloth diapers actually made it easy to switch to underwear!

Tips for outings:
1. Plan your potty learning over a long weekend where you have nowhere to go so that they get the hang of using the potty at home.
2. Get a folding potty seat insert like this one.
3. Be sure to potty before you leave.
4. Plan on some accidents. Take extra clothes.
5. When you see a good bathroom while you are out, stop.

I'm glad I started early. A lot of people say to wait and wait and wait. And in my opinion, I think there is a window of time when kids learn the potty the best. They don't all give those readiness cues that you read about everywhere.

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