Sunday, November 7, 2010

It is getting worse

The pain is insane. It is literally making me insane. I start thinking scary thoughts about cutting off my boob. :( Needless to say, I am going to the doctor on Tuesday. I'm hoping he can give me something better for the pain and a prescription to help with the thrush. Although Google tells me, I could be dealing with this for weeks or even months. I can't do it. I'm trapped really. I would wean if I could, but I can't wean cold-turkey without causing engorgement, mastitis, and more pain. This is horrid. Truly horrid.


Jamie said...

Grape seed extract orally and topislly worked wonders for us. Gentian violet not helping? Are you purple?

April said...

Hugs sweetie! Praying the doc can help you get some relief!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. :-( My thoughts are with you.

Please Press Pause said...

Oh Mandie, that sounds really hard. Do you have a LLL leader near you that might be able to do a home visit to offer suggestions and support?

I'm sure you've gotten a lot of suggestions and have read a lot but this is what I brainstormed this morning:
- Have you thought about treating the boys with the GV?

- You might also consider super hot washing all of your cloth diapers and hot drying them to kill yeast they could be carrying. It's so hard to get rid of yeast and it can get on everything. (also a good idea for bras, towels, nursing pads, burp rags, etc)

- My LLL book says its possible that if the thrush hasn't cleared up with good effort that you could also have another underlying problem like mastitis that is continuing to cause the pain. Ugh, I know that's not at all what you want to hear.


- A topical antifungal cream such as nystatin or miconazole to be used on your nipples. A liquid version can be prescribed for treatment of the babies mouth as well.

It also says it often gets worse for a short time following the initiation of treatment, that it's a normal response to antifungal treatment. That's a bit more promising.

Man, I really hope the doc can help you tomorrow!!!!


Stacy Findawg said...

My son and I got thrush when he was around a yr and it was horrible. I seriously thought my nip was going to burst into flames. The pediatrician gave us something and it healed up in about a week. I feel for you and I hope it gets better soon!